Justin Fields is doing some cool stuff. Not so much as a passer but as a runner. He had another big game on Sunday.

Fields last week ran for 178 yards and a touchdown against the Dolphins. Today it was 147 yards and 2 TDs in another high-scoring loss. (The Bears lost 35-32 to Miami and 31-30 today against the Lions.)

In the Super Bowl era, only seven other quarterbacks have run for 140-plus yards in a game. That includes Colin Kaepernick going for 181 yards in a playoff win over Green Bay.

Fields also joins Michael Vick, Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson (twice) as quarterbacks who’ve run for 100 yards in back-to-back games.

The Bears face another lesser defense in Week 11 – at Atlanta.

Colin Kaepernick, S.F.2012G.B.W 45-311618111.32
Justin Fields, Chi.2022Mia.L 32-351517811.91
Michael Vick, Atl.2002at Min.W 30-24 (OT)1017317.32
Michael Vick, Atl.2006N.O.L 13-311216613.80
Lamar Jackson, Balt.2019Cin.W 23-17191528.01
Colin Kaepernick, S.F.2014S.D.L 35-38 (OT)715121.61
Justin Fields, Chi.2022Chi.L 30-311314711.32
Lamar Jackson, Balt.2019Ten.L 12-28201437.20
Michael Vick, Atl.2003Car.W 20-14 (OT)1414110.11
Robert Griffin, Was.2012Min.W 38-261313810.62
Lamar Jackson, Balt.2020at Ten.W 20-13161368.51
Josh Allen, Buff.2018at Mia.L 17-21913515.00
Michael Vick, Phil.2010at NYGW 38-311013013.01
Colin Kaepernick, S.F.2013at Sea.L 17-231113011.80
Jack Concannon, Phil.1966Pitt.W 27-23151298.61
Bobby Douglass, Chi.1972at Oak.L 21-28141279.10
Michael Vick, Atl.2006T.B.W 14-3141279.11
Donovan McNabb, Phil.2000at Was.W 23-201112511.41
Lamar Jackson, Balt.2020at Clev.W 47-42912413.82
Randall Cunningham, Phil.1990N.E.W 48-20812415.51
Russell Wilson, Sea.2014at Was.W 27-171112211.11
Randall Cunningham, Phil.1992Min.W 28-171212110.12
Norris Weese, Den.1976at Chi.W 28-141212010.00
Lamar Jackson, Balt.2019Ariz.W 23-17161207.50
Lamar Jackson, Balt.2021Min.W 34-31 (OT)211205.70
Lamar Jackson, Balt.2018Cin.W 24-21261194.60
Lamar Jackson, Balt.2022Mia.L 38-42911913.21
Michael Vick, Atl.2004St.L.W 47-17811914.90
Tim Tebow, Den.2011at Oak.W 38-24131189.10
Bobby Douglass, Chi.1972at Clev.W 17-01111710.61
Lamar Jackson, Balt.2019at Sea.W 30-16141168.31
Cam Newton, Car.2012Atl.W 30-20911612.91
Michael Vick, Atl.2004at Den.W 41-28121159.60
Colin Kaepernick, S.F.2016at Mia.L 24-311011311.30
Terrelle Pryor, Oak.2013at Ind.L 17-21131128.60
Marcus Mariota, Ten.2015Jac.W 42-39911212.41
Virgil Carter, Cin.1970Clev.W 14-10911012.20
Randall Cunningham, Phil.1986Det.L 11-13141107.90
Josh Allen, Buff.2021at T.B.L 27-33 (OT)121099.11
Michael Vick, Atl.2004St.L.W 34-17121099.10
Johnny Manziel, Cle.2015at K.C.L 13-17111089.80
Lamar Jackson, Balt.2020at Phil.W 30-28910812.01
Aaron Brooks, N.O.2000at S.F.W 31-27111089.80
Cam Newton, Car.2014at Cin.T 37-37 (OT)171076.31
Daniel Jones, NYG2022at Jac.W 23-17111079.71
Lamar Jackson, Balt.2022at N.E.W 37-26111079.71
Donovan McNabb, Phil.2003G.B.W 20-17 (OT)111079.70
Lamar Jackson, Balt.2021K.C.W 36-35161076.72
Donovan McNabb, Phil.2002NYGW 17-3810713.41
Russell Wilson, Sea.2014NYGW 38-17141077.61
Russell Wilson, Sea.2014at St.L.L 26-28710615.11
Kyler Murray, Ari.2020Mia.L 31-34111069.61
Jalen Hurts, Phil.2020N.O.W 24-21181065.90
Terrelle Pryor, Oak.2013Pitt.W 21-18910611.81
Vinny Testaverde, T.B.1990Min.W 26-13710515.01
Kevin Hogan, Cle.2016at Cin.L 17-31710414.91
Michael Vick, Atl.2004at NYGW 14-10151046.90
Kordell Stewart, Pitt.1998at Cin.L 20-25710314.70
Lamar Jackson, Balt.2019at Clev.W 31-15171036.10
Michael Vick, Phil.2010G.B.L 20-27111039.40
Steve Grogan, N.E.1976NYJW 41-7710314.71
Justin Fields, Chi.2021S.F.L 22-331010310.31
Kordell Stewart, Pitt.1996at Car.L 14-18710214.61
Russell Wilson, Sea.2013at Ind.L 28-34131027.80
Steve Young, S.F.1990N.O.L 10-13810212.80
Michael Vick, Atl.2006Ariz.W 32-10111019.20
Josh Allen, Buff.2018NYJL 23-27910111.21
Lamar Jackson, Balt.2019S.F.W 20-17161016.31
Bobby Douglass, Chi.1973at G.B.W 31-17191005.34
Donovan McNabb, Phil.2002at Jac.L 25-28121008.31
Cam Newton, Car.2015at NYGW 38-35810012.50
Kyler Murray, Ari.2022at Sea.L 9-191010010.00

Statistics compiled using search tools at Pro-Football-Reference.com

—Ian Allan