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New York Jets

Zach Wilson is holding back New York's passing game

How much longer are the Jets sticking with Zach Wilson? He’s been pretty terrible thus far. If they don’t make a change before long, I think Robert Saleh could lose the locker room.

If he hasn’t already. Elijah Moore was complaining about his lack of use a few weeks ago. Yesterday after the debacle in Foxboro, Garrett Wilson called the offense an embarrassment.

New York selected Zach Wilson with the second pick of the 2021 draft, but he’s done nothing yet that suggests he’s ever going to develop into a viable quarterback. They’ve won a few games by running the ball and playing defense, but they’ve been reluctant to let Wilson even get involved in games.

Moving into the second half of his second year, Wilson has played 19 complete games as a pro. He’s averaged 187 passing yards in those games, with 13 TDs and 16 interceptions.

2021at Car.L 14-19203725821
2021N.E.L 6-25193321004
2021at Den.L 0-26193516002
2021Ten.W 27-24213429721
2021at Atl.L 20-27193219201
2021at Hou.W 21-14142414501
2021Phil.L 18-33233822621
2021N.O.L 9-30194220200
2021at Mia.L 24-31132317000
2021Jac.W 26-21142210210
2021T.B.L 24-28193323410
2021at Buff.L 10-277208710
2022at Pitt.W 24-20183625212
2022Mia.W 40-17142121000
2022at G.B.W 27-10101811000
2022at Den.W 16-9162612100
2022N.E.L 17-22204135523
2022Buff.W 20-17182515410
2022at N.E.L 3-109227700

New York’s offense has gotten a lot more interesting with Wilson off the field. In their other eight games in the last two years they’ve averaged 322 passing yards, with 16 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. That is, they’ve thrown 3 more touchdowns in those eight games than they’ve thrown in 19 games with Wilson starting. They’ve averaged 135 more passing yards without him.

Zach/White2021at N.E.L 13-54264225312
White/Josh2021Cin.W 34-31394942232
White/Josh2021at Ind.L 30-45345241241
White/Flacco2021Buff.L 17-45274729814
Flacco2021Mia.L 17-24243929120
Flacco2022Balt.L 9-24375930911
Flacco2022at Clev.W 31-30264430740
Flacco2022Cin.L 12-27285228502

The Jets have at least won more with Wilson. He’s 8-12 as a starter, while their other quarterbacks have gone 2-5. But that’s due more to the defense and how they’ve called the games.

I’m ready to see somebody else. They’ve got those nice receivers – Garrett Wilson, Elijah Moore, Corey Davis and others. They need to get a quarterback on the field who gives them a better chance to shine.

If they make a change, it likely will be for Mike White. Joe Flacco started their first three games, but the Jets promoted White ahead of Flacco about a month ago.

—Ian Allan

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