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Tagged: Garrett Wilson (18 Results)

Around the NFL: NY Jets

The Jets fired offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur. It will be interesting to see who fills that role, because it’s a team with some up-and-coming pieces – especially the two rookies they drafted this year.   more »


Podcast: December 27 episode of the Fantasy Index Podcast

Moishe Steigmann and Justin Eleff wrap up 2022 by giving you one last week of Supply by Demand. Sponsored by Affordable Trophies; PLAY ALONG AND WIN A PLAQUE RIGHT NOW!  more »


Factoid: New York Jets

The Jets are going back to Zach Wilson at quarterback. Lord help us all.   more »


Factoid: Rookie receivers

I think we should all be drafting rookie receivers a little earlier. There’s risk involved, and I see plenty of slow starters, but I also see a bunch of them outperforming where there were chosen.  more »


Podcast: November 29 episode of the Fantasy Index Podcast

Moishe Steigmann and Justin Eleff breeze through a Jags- and Jets-heavy round of Will He Won't He, then draft their Supply by Demand squads for Week 13. Sponsored by Affordable Trophies.  more »


Factoid: New York Jets

How much longer are the Jets sticking with Zach Wilson? He’s been pretty terrible thus far. If they don’t make a change before long, I think Robert Saleh could lose the locker room.  more »


Ask the Experts: Which rookie wideout will have the best career?

ASK THE EXPERTS appears weekly from training camp through the Super Bowl with answers to a new question being posted Thursday morning. How the guest experts responded when we asked them: Which rookie wideout will have the best career?  more »


Factoid: Rookie receivers

The rookie receivers didn’t light up the boxscores in the preseason, but that’s OK. That’s just how it goes nowadays. And if form holds, probably a couple of these first-year receivers are going to be very good.  more »


Factoid: Treylon Burks

What can be expected from Treylon Burks (and other first-round rookie wideouts)? Six were selected in the top 20 picks back in April, and most joined teams where there's the potential to be early starters. Actually putting up strong numbers right away in fantasy leagues, though, is a hit-or-miss kind of deal.   more »


Dynasty Leagues: First-round wideouts

Rookie drafts are occurring in some dynasty leagues this month (if they haven't already happened), and I expect the first round will be wide receiver-heavy in most of them. That was the case in the actual NFL Draft, with four selected in the top 12 picks. I wondered how often those early selection pan out in the NFL -- what are the odds of them busting?   more »


Factoid: Rookie receivers

I’m not super excited about the receivers who were selected early. They all come with various flaws. That said, the tendency recently has been for the early-pick receivers to get involved sooner rather than later. Gone, it seems, are the days of guys needing a few years to develop.  more »


Factoid: Rookie receivers

Somebody in the comments section (Robert S, I think) was asking about rookie receivers, and whether any of them will post top-40 numbers. I think I can answer that one. Yes, definitely.  more »


Fantasy News: NFL draft

Jerry Jones was waving around the Dallas draft board, and I found that to be interesting. It provides a valuable second set of eyes on what actually happened in the first round.  more »


Factoid: Rookie receivers

For the first time ever, six wide receivers were selected in the top 20 of an NFL draft, and those guys will command plenty of attention in fantasy drafts. But if history is any indication, the receivers selected after the first round will be even better.   more »


Factoid: First-round wideouts

It's an exciting draft class of wide receivers, with the Ohio State duo of Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave (pictured), Alabama's Jameson Williams and others looking like Day 1 picks. Considering how guys like Justin Jefferson and JaMarr Chase have performed right away the last two years, it's even more exciting. But the draft is not an exact science.   more »


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