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Who will be next year's Comeback Player of the Year?

Not yet over for Thomas, Wilson

ASK THE EXPERTS appears weekly from training camp through the Super Bowl with answers to a new question being posted Thursday morning. How the guest experts responded when we asked them: Who will be next year's Comeback Player of the Year?


My potential list: QB Trey Lance, RB Breece Hall, RB Jonathan Taylor, WR Michael Thomas, TE Darren Waller and TE Kyle Pitts. Final answer....Michael Thomas. He was a top-15 wide receiver through Week 3 before his dislocated toe injury. He had returned to his great form and was playing out of the slot and other positions.

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Trey Lance comes to mind. In a world where Brock Purdy can play like Tom Brady, it stands to reason the 49ers could be a juggernaut if Lance is healthy and half the player Kyle Shanahan thinks he is.

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Would love to say Breece Hall but he didn't play long enough to have a "comeback." I'm going with Javonte Williams since the Broncos should be different -- and better -- in 2023. They'll have a new coach, but the roster doesn't need to be rebuilt from scratch. Williams will step back into the primary role and reward drafters.

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It's a difficult question because it involves a player who either got hurt early or really disappointed in 2022, and we tend to throw those players out with the trash while emptying our minds in the offseason. But I'll go with one of two possibilities at quarterback. Lamar Jackson missed the last six games, and if we're being honest he didn't play well after Week 4 or so. I think he's back in Baltimore and the skill players around him could not possibly be as terrible as they were this year. An even longer shot is Russell Wilson. He'll be back in Denver, and the coaching can only be improved. I know quarterbacks who excel in advanced years are rare, but I can't believe it's over for Wilson at 34 years old.

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