Jakobi Meyers has reached a verbal agreement to sign with Las Vegas. That will reunite him with Josh McDaniels. Hurray?

Per early reports, it’s a three-year deal worth $33 million. That’s a little lower than I expected, with Meyers generally regarded as the best of the free agent wide receivers. But Meyers is a serviceable but limited pass catcher, and some teams maybe waiting to see if they can get their hands on a bigger fish, perhaps DeAndre Hopkins, Michael Thomas or Mike Evans.

All contracts at this point, as a reminder, are tentative. Nothing can be officially signed until Wednesday. Every few years there will be a deal that falls through. J.D. McKissic last year agreed to a contract with the Bills, but Washington was able to convince him to back out of it. And Frank Gore about eight years ago changed his mind on a contract with the Eagles, instead signing with Indianapolis.

But Meyers is apparently headed to Las Vegas, it’s reasonable to wonder if Hunter Renfrow will be on the move. He underperformed last year, and both he and Meyers are slot receivers. As things stand, Renfrow will count $13.1 million against the cap. There will be a dead cap charge of $11.7 million if he’s cut, so I would think the Raiders will be sniffing around to see if they can get a team to take on some of that salary.

When Meyers was last in Las Vegas, he played a pivotal role in the most bizarre ending to a game last year. With the game tied 24-24 and no time remaining, he threw an ill-advised lateral to Chandler Jones that was returned for the game-winning touchdown.

As for Meyers’ impact in Las Vegas, I’m expecting a modest impact. They’ve got Darren Waller and (especially) Davante Adams, and I don’t think that will leave many premium touches for Meyers. He’ll play a supporting role.

Meyers has played for McDaniels before, with historically light touchdown numbers. In three seasons together, Meyers caught 168 passes, with only 2 of them going for touchdowns.

I ran some numbers on this, just out of curiosity. Post merger, there have been 31 wide receivers who’ve scored on fewer than 3 percent of their catches while catching at least 100 passes in a two-year span. Only three have scored at an even lower rate than Meyers – Danny Amendola, Josh Reed and Jason Avant.

2019-20Danny Amendola, Det.1081,28010.9%
2007-08Josh Reed, Buff.1071,17510.9%
2011-12Jason Avant, Phil.1051,32711.0%
2020-21Jakobi Meyers, N.E.1421,59521.4%
2018-19Danny Amendola, Mia.-Det.1211,25321.7%
1992-93Jessie Hester, Ind.1161,62721.7%
1989-90Kelvin Martin, Dall.1101,37621.8%
2011-12Brian Hartline, Mia.1091,63221.8%
1991-92Al Toon, NYJ1051,27421.9%
2008-09Greg Camarillo, Mia.1051,16521.9%
1996-97Michael Timpson, Chi.-Phi.1041,28621.9%
2010-11Jason Avant, Phil.1031,25221.9%
2008-09Davone Bess, Mia.1301,31232.3%
1998-99Frank Sanders, Ariz.1682,09942.4%
2012-13Harry Douglas, Atl.1231,46232.4%
1996-97Sean Dawkins, Ind.1221,55532.5%
1997-98Sean Dawkins, Ind.-N.O.1211,62732.5%
2017-18Danny Amendola, N.E.-Mia.1201,23432.5%
2016-17Pierre Garcon, Was.-Cle.1191,54132.5%
2016-17Adam Humphries, T.B.1161,25332.6%
2008-09Torry Holt, St.L.-Jac.1151,51832.6%
1992-93Reggie Langhorne, Ind.1501,84942.7%
2012-13Hakeem Nicks, NYG1091,58832.8%
2010-11Steve Breaston, Ari.-K.C.1081,50332.8%
2021-22Chase Claypool, Pitt.-Chi.1051,31132.9%
2005-06Eric Parker, S.D.1051,38432.9%
1991-92Reggie Langhorne, Cle.-Ind.1041,31632.9%
2012-13Davone Bess, Mia.-Cle.1031,14032.9%
2013-14Harry Douglas, Atl.1361,62342.9%
1982-83Charlie Joiner, S.D.1011,50533.0%
2008-09Wes Welker, N.E.2342,51373.0%

—Ian Allan