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Tyler Conklin

Conklin could get lost in re-worked Jets offense

Tyler Conklin has caught 61 and 58 passes the last two years, but I doubt that I will select him in any drafts this year. I just don’t have any confidence they’ll be using him that much.

Barring something wild happening, the Jets will be adding Aaron Rodgers. He’s a much better passer than anybody they’ve had at quarterback. But I don’t think this is going to help Conklin. Rodgers never used his tight ends much when he was with the Packers.

Rodgers spent 15 years as a starter in Green Bay, and in only two of those seasons did he have a top-10 tight end. Robert Tonyan caught 11 touchdowns back in 2020, finishing as a top-5 tight end (in leagues using PPR scoring), while Jermichael Finley caught 55 passes and 8 TDs back in 2011, finishing as the No. 9 tight end that year.

The Packers have had some tight end prospects, including Finley, Jimmy Graham and Jared Cook. But Rodgers never did much with them. With the stats in front of me, I notice that Rodgers in 15 years there connected on only two 2-point conversions to tight ends (he completed 16 of those passes to other positions).

I’ve listed Rodgers’ Green Bay tight ends below. I see seven who finished seasons with 51-63 passes. But with the majority of those teams, no tight end caught 40 passes. And only six of those teams had a tight end who caught more than 3 TDs.

I expect I’ll have Conklin graded as a second tight end, but there are a bunch other second tight end types I would rather select. (And are we even positive Conklin is the best tight end in New York? When the Jets signed C.J. Uzomah last year, he got a contract worth over $1 million per year more – and Jeremy Ruckert might be ready to play more in his second year.)

2020Robert Tonyan5258611.3110176.65
2011Jermichael Finley5576714.080179.79
2015Richard Rodgers585108.881160.111
2009Jermichael Finley5567612.350152.612
2018Jimmy Graham5563611.620130.612
2012Jermichael Finley6166710.920139.714
2022Robert Tonyan534708.920112.020
2008Donald Lee393037.85099.320
2019Jimmy Graham3844711.830100.721
2014Andrew Quarless2932311.13079.326
2009Donald Lee372607.01069.031
2013Andrew Quarless323129.82075.236
2016Jared Cook3037712.61073.736
2013Jermichael Finley2530012.03073.037
2016Richard Rodgers302719.02069.137
2010Jermichael Finley2130114.31057.139
2021Josiah Deguara252459.82061.540
2010Andrew Quarless2123811.31050.842
2014Richard Rodgers2022511.32054.543
2009Spencer Havner711216.04042.244
2012Tom Crabtree820325.43046.347
2017Lance Kendricks1820311.31044.348
2021Robert Tonyan1820411.32050.449
2010Donald Lee11736.63036.349
2018Lance Kendricks191709.01042.050
2019Marcedes Lewis1515610.41036.651
2008Tory Humphrey1116214.70027.251
2021Marcedes Lewis232149.30044.454
2020Marcedes Lewis1010710.73038.756
2017Richard Rodgers1216013.31034.058
2013Brandon Bostick712017.11025.058
2008Jermichael Finley67412.31019.461
2015Justin Perillo111029.31027.262
2020Jace Sternberger121149.51029.464
2019Robert Tonyan1010010.01026.064
2011Tom Crabtree6386.31015.864
2022Marcedes Lewis66611.02126.670
2022Josiah Deguara131148.80024.472
2012D.J. Williams7578.10012.773
2010Tom Crabtree46115.30010.177
2018Robert Tonyan47719.31017.779
2011Ryan Taylor144.0107.482
2011Andrew Quarless33612.0006.683
2020Dominique Dafney22613.01010.685
2013Ryan Taylor6305.0009.085
2014Brandon Bostick231.5108.387
2016Justin Perillo4358.8007.590
2015Andrew Quarless4317.8007.193
2021Tyler Davis4358.8007.594
2011D.J. Williams2136.5003.394
2012Ryan Taylor11111.0002.199
2022Tyler Davis4266.5006.6100
2017Emanuel Byrd23115.5005.1100
2021Dominique Dafney23417.0005.4102
2018Marcedes Lewis33913.0006.9104
2020Josiah Deguara11212.0002.2107

—Ian Allan

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