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Lamar Jackson

Baltimore QB gobbles up yards but not touchdowns

The Ravens ran for 3 TDs in their opener, reminding me that while Lamar Jackson runs for a lot of yards, he doesn’t seem all that interested in taking the ball into the end zone on his own.

Baltimore has scored 35 rushing touchdowns in its last 35 games, and Jackson has scored only 5 of them. Since the start of the 2021 season, 30 quarterbacks have started at least half the time, and seven of them have averaged more rushing touchdowns (per game) than Jackson, including Zach Wilson and Joe Burrow.

It's surprising in that Jackson has a pair of 1,000-yard rushing seasons on his resume. He’s run for over 700 yards four seasons in a row. But all those yards haven’t translated into touchdown numbers on par with Jalen Hurts, Josh Allen and Justin Fields. Calling his own number around the goal line isn’t a big part of his game right now.

Playing around with the numbers, I notice that Jackson averages 314 rushing yards per rushing touchdown since the start of the 2021 season. Among the 30 quarterbacks who’ve started at least half the time, only three average more yards per touchdown, and they’re the three who haven’t scored any rushing touchdowns at all (Goff, Carr, Dalton).

RUSHING YARDS vs. TD RUNS (since 2021)
Jimmy Garoppolo263.5.1522.5
Tom Brady342.4.0926.6
Ryan Tannehill3012.4.3041.4
Aaron Rodgers345.7.1248.7
Joe Burrow3311.3.2153.4
Zach Wilson2213.0.2357.4
Matthew Stafford272.3.0463
Jalen Hurts3151.0.7468.7
Davis Mills265.5.0871.0
Kirk Cousins346.4.0973.0
Matt Ryan295.2.0776.0
Russell Wilson3015.4.1792.2
Trevor Lawrence3518.5.2092.2
Tua Tagovailoa267.8.08101.5
Kyler Murray2533.6.32105.1
Baker Mayfield259.0.08112.0
Daniel Jones2837.5.32116.5
Justin Herbert3513.3.11116.7
Josh Allen3445.9.38120.0
Patrick Mahomes3522.4.17130.6
Carson Wentz2412.5.08150.5
Dak Prescott2911.5.07167.0
Justin Fields2661.1.35176.4
Geno Smith2118.6.10195.5
Taylor Heinicke2416.3.08196.0
Mac Jones327.7.03246.0
Lamar Jackson2562.8.20313.8
Andy Dalton206.5.00---
Derek Carr336.5.00---
Jared Goff325.0.00---

—Ian Allan

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