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Allen, Hurts enter final games sharing QB touchdown record

There’s a cool individual battle that will be settled on the final day of the regular season. Josh Allen and Jalen Hurts enter their final games tied for single-season record for most rushing touchdowns scored by a quarterback.

Both passed Cam Newton on Sunday, and both are sitting at 15 touchdowns entering their 17th games. Both are playing on the road. Hurts holds the advantage of facing a lesser opponent (the Giants), while Allen has the edge of playing his game after Hurts is finished.

I don’t know that either guy cares much about the mark. Both play on teams that have much larger goals than setting obscure individual records. But both have been really good at scoring touchdowns in goal-line situations.

In league history, only 32 times has a quarterback scored at least 8 rushing touchdowns in a season. Only three quarterbacks have authored at least three of those seasons – Newton (4 times), Allen (4) and Hurts (3).

2023Jalen Hurts, Phil.161556013.915
2023Josh Allen, Buff.16964574.815
2011Cam Newton, Car.161267065.614
2022• Jalen Hurts, Phil.151657604.613
1976Steve Grogan, N.E.14603976.612
2020Cam Newton, N.E.151375924.312
1950Johnny Lujack, Chi.12633976.311
1956Tobin Rote, G.B.12843984.711
1997Kordell Stewart, Pitt.16884765.411
2020Kyler Murray, Ari.161338196.211
1961Billy Kilmer, S.F.11965095.310
2002Daunte Culpepper, Min.161066095.710
2015Cam Newton, Car.161326364.810
2021• Jalen Hurts, Phil.151397845.610
1972Greg Landry, Det.14815246.59
2010Michael Vick, Phil.121006766.89
2019• Josh Allen, Buff.161095104.79
1948Frankie Albert, S.F.14693495.18
1954Otto Graham, Cle.12631141.88
1954Tobin Rote, G.B.12673014.58
1960Jack Kemp, LAC14542384.48
1963Jack Kemp, Buff.14502394.88
1972Bobby Douglass, Chi.141419686.98
1980Vince Evans, Chi.13603065.18
1997Steve McNair, Ten.161016746.78
1999Steve McNair, Ten.11723374.78
2002Michael Vick, Atl.151137776.98
2012Cam Newton, Car.161277415.88
2018• Josh Allen, Buff.12896317.18
2020• Josh Allen, Buff.161024214.18
2020Taysom Hill, N.O.16874575.38
2022Justin Fields, Chi.151601,1437.18

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—Ian Allan

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