The fast pace of the 2024 NFL free agency makes it challenging to track all player movement. However, aside from the transactions that have been reported and are waiting for approval by the first day of the 2024 NFL calendar year, some social media updates can make the football universe go bonkers.

That’s what happened when the Cincinnati Bengals’ official account on X (former Twitter) asked:

"Hey @Real10jayyy__ are you available for griddy lessons?”

Aside from tagging Ja’Marr Chase’s account, the griddy also refers to Justin Jefferson’s trademark touchdown celebration dance. In that case, are the Bengals working on a trade to bring the 2022 Offensive Player of the Year to The Queen City?

It would be massive if it did happen, and their reunion could tip the league’s competitive balance in their favor. Joining the Bengals will reunite Jefferson with Joe Burrow, their quarterback when they brought a National Championship to LSU in 2019.

But trading for a player of Jefferson’s caliber entails a massive draft haul or a collection of players. Therefore, the Minnesota Vikings may start with two first-round picks as their asking price.

While covering both Chase and Jefferson will be a nightmare, keeping both wide receivers for the long term might be challenging. Jefferson reportedly turned down a contract extension offer from the Vikings worth $30 million annually. Meanwhile, Chase can also command a lucrative contract extension once he’s up for contract extension talks.

If the Bengals can somehow trade for Jefferson and find a way to fit their massive contracts into their cap space, their opponents will face scary times ahead.

-Lance Fernandez