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Beckham signs one-year deal with Miami

Odell Beckham has agreed to a one-year deal with Miami. Per reports, it includes incentives making it worth up to $8.5 million. Not a needle-moving transaction, methinks.

Beckham was once one of the league’s top few playmakers, but time marches on. He’s 31 now, and with multiple ACL surgeries. He’s averaged 2.9 catches for 36 yards in the 27 games he’s started the last three years, with 8 TDs. I don’t think he’s a starting receiver anymore.

Here, he’s going to a team that likes to use its two main guys. Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle are a great tandem, and the Dolphins have their offense built around putting the ball in their hands. In each of the last two years, Hill and Waddle have combined for more yards than any other pair of wide receivers.

If the Dolphins can keep them healthy, Hill and Waddle could make a run at becoming the first receiving tandem to lead the league in receiving yards three years in a row.

(I don’t think they’ll be using Beckham too much.)

YearTeamWR #1WR #2RecYdsAvgTD
2023Mia.Tyreek HillJaylen Waddle1912,81314.717
2022Mia.Tyreek HillJaylen Waddle1943,06615.815
2021LARCooper KuppVan Jefferson1952,74914.122
2020Buff.Stefon DiggsCole Beasley2092,50212.012
2019T.B.Chris GodwinMike Evans1532,49016.317
2018Pitt.JuJu Smith-SchusterAntonio Brown2152,72312.722
2017Pitt.Antonio BrownJuJu Smith-Schuster1592,45015.416
2016N.O.Brandin CooksMichael Thomas1702,31013.617
2015Pitt.Antonio BrownMartavis Bryant1862,59914.016
2014Den.Demaryius ThomasEmmanuel Sanders2123,02314.320
2013Den.Demaryius ThomasEric Decker1792,71815.225
2012Atl.Roddy WhiteJulio Jones1712,54914.917
2011NYGVictor CruzHakeem Nicks1582,72817.316
2010Den.Brandon LloydJabar Gaffney1422,32316.413
2009N.E.Wes WelkerRandy Moss2062,61212.717
2008Hou.Andre JohnsonKevin Walter1752,47414.116
2007N.E.Randy MossWes Welker2102,66812.731
2006Ind.Marvin HarrisonReggie Wayne1812,67614.821
2005Ari.Larry FitzgeraldAnquan Boldin2052,81113.717
2004St.L.Torry HoltIsaac Bruce1832,66414.616
2003St.L.Torry HoltIsaac Bruce1862,67714.417
2002Pitt.Hines WardPlaxico Burress1902,65414.019
2001Jac.Jimmy SmithKeenan McCardell2052,48312.114
2000St.L.Torry HoltIsaac Bruce1693,10618.415
1999Min.Randy MossCris Carter1702,65415.624
1998Min.Randy MossCris Carter1472,32415.829
1997Ari.Rob MooreFrank Sanders1722,60115.112
1996Min.Jake ReedCris Carter1682,48314.817
1995Det.Herman MooreBrett Perriman2313,17413.723
1994Min.Cris CarterJake Reed2072,43111.711
1993S.F.Jerry RiceJohn Taylor1542,44315.920
1992Dall.Michael IrvinAlvin Harper1131,95817.311
1991Was.Gary ClarkArt Monk1412,38916.918
1990LARHenry EllardFlipper Anderson1272,39118.88
1989S.F.Jerry RiceJohn Taylor1422,56018.027
1988Hou.Drew HillErnest Givins1322,11716.015
1987Hou.Drew HillErnest Givins1021,92218.812
1986Mia.Mark DuperMark Clayton1272,46319.421
1985Was.Art MonkGary Clark1632,15213.27
1984Mia.Mark ClaytonMark Duper1442,69518.726
1983K.C.Carlos CarsonHenry Marshall1302,13916.513
1982S.D.Wes ChandlerCharlie Joiner851,57718.69
1981Buff.Frank LewisJerry Butler1252,08616.712
1980S.D.John JeffersonCharlie Joiner1532,47216.217
1979S.D.John JeffersonCharlie Joiner1332,09815.814
1978NYJWesley WalkerDerrick Gaffney861,86021.611
1977Pitt.Lynn SwannJohn Stallworth941,57316.714
1976Balt.Roger CarrGlenn Doughty831,74021.016
1975Cin.Isaac CurtisCharlie Joiner811,66020.512
1974Oak.Cliff BranchFred Biletnikoff1021,68516.520
1973Oak.Mike SianiFred Biletnikoff931,40215.17
1972Phil.Harold JacksonBen Hawkins921,56017.05
1971K.C.Otis TaylorElmo Wright831,63819.710
1970Buff.Marlin BriscoeHaven Moses961,76218.410

—Ian Allan

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