Breece Hall caught 76 passes last year. That was the most of any running back. But I think there will be a big decline in that area of his game.

The Jets will have Aaron Rodgers back. (That’s the plan, anyway; hopefully his Achilles doesn’t snap after 4 plays.) And when Rodgers is one the field, I think we’ll see a big decrease in the check-down balls to running backs.

On a lot of those completions last year, I think, were fueled by poor pass protection, along with Zach Wilson wanting to just get the ball out of his hands. With a bolstered line and a better quarterback, a lot of those check-downs should turn into downfield attempts to wide receivers.

If we use Rodgers’ work in Green Bay as a guide, it suggests that New York’s running backs likely will be about average in pass catching. Rodgers spent 15 years with the Packers, passing for a lot of yards and touchdowns, but just two running backs reached 50 catches in all those years. Those 15 teams averaged 72 catches.

2022Aaron Jones17593956.75
2021Aaron Jones15523917.56
2019Aaron Jones16494749.73
2020Aaron Jones14473557.62
2016Ty Montgomery15443487.90
2015James Starks16433929.13
2010Brandon Jackson16433428.01
2014Eddie Lacy164242710.24
2019Jamaal Williams14392536.55
2013Eddie Lacy15352577.30
2021AJ Dillon17343139.22
2020Jamaal Williams14312367.61
2008Brandon Jackson13301856.20
2011James Starks13292167.50
2022AJ Dillon17282067.40
2018Jamaal Williams16272107.80
2018Aaron Jones12262067.91
2017Jamaal Williams162526210.52
2009Ryan Grant16251977.90
2017Ty Montgomery8231737.51
2009Brandon Jackson12211878.91
2015Eddie Lacy15201889.42
2016James Starks9191347.12
2011Ryan Grant151926814.11
2014James Starks16181407.80
2012Alex Green12181256.90
2008Ryan Grant16181166.41
2012John Kuhn14151489.90
2011John Kuhn1615775.12
2010John Kuhn1615976.52
2012Cedric Benson514976.90
2013John Kuhn1513816.20
2020Tyler Ervin811847.60
2013James Starks1310898.91
2011Brandon Saine810696.90
2017Aaron Jones129222.40
2016Aaron Ripkowski169465.11
2019Danny Vitale1579713.90
2017Aaron Ripkowski167395.60
2009John Kuhn147476.72
2008Korey Hall117385.41
2015John Kuhn166569.30
2009Korey Hall115418.20
2016Eddie Lacy54287.00
2014John Kuhn164235.80
2013Johnathan Franklin114307.50
2012James Starks64317.80
2008John Kuhn164215.32
2017Devante Mays830.00
2010Dimitri Nance1233010.00
2010Quinn Johnson113268.70
2009Ahman Green83186.00
2008DeShawn Wynn533010.00
2008Kregg Lumpkin23227.30
2021Patrick Taylor9231.50
2020AJ Dillon1122110.50
2012DuJuan Harris42178.50
2010James Starks32157.50
2009DeShawn Wynn42199.50
2009Quinn Johnson9242.00
2022Patrick Taylor1411717.00
2021Kylin Hill8155.00
2018Danny Vitale5122.00
2017Joe Kerridge4133.00
2015Aaron Ripkowski1511818.00
2014DuJuan Harris1511111.00
2011Alex Green4166.00
2010Korey Hall12199.00

I’m not anti-Hall. He’s the No. 2 running back on my board. But I don’t think he’ll be up in the elite class as a pass catcher this season.

—Ian Allan