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Tagged: Experts Auction (8 Results)

Fantasy Index Weekly: Experts League Tidbits

This is the week we hold our annual Experts Draft and Experts Auction, to get them into our annual preseason magazines. It's a time of late nights, steals and reaches involving industry professionals and contest winners.   more »


Mock Auction: Perfect Season's Sachs wins Experts Auction League

Scott Sachs is an admitted Browns homer, which is apparent from the rosters he routinely assembles in our Auction League. Despite the Browns underachieving this year, he was still able to build the top team in our Fantasy Index Experts Auction.  more »

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Mock Auction: Index's Allan wins Experts Auction League

Sometimes the house wins. That was the case in our annual Experts Auction League, where Ian Allan cruised to victory. It was his third win in the last decade, same in that timeframe as David Dodds of FootballGuys. Dodds came in 3rd this year, while Matt Schauf of Draft Sharks came in 2nd.  more »


Mock Auction: Allan leading Experts Auction League

Checking in on the Fantasy Index Experts Leagues which ran in our preseason Annual this week. We looked at the Draft League on Wednesday, where there are four teams within a handful of games of each other atop the standings. In the Auction League, our own Ian Allan has a sizable lead.   more »


Mock Auction: Footballguys' Dodds wins Experts Auction League

Back in 2005, we started running an Experts Auction League in our preseason annual. A dozen fantasy experts with a $200 budget each built the best roster they could, and we'd play the league out over the course of the season. No one has been as successful over the last 15 years as Footballguys' David Dodds, who closes out the decade with his fourth title.   more »

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Mock Auction: Yahoo's Pianowski wins Experts Auction League

Scott Pianowski of Yahoo! Sports spent big on two players last May: Saquon Barkley and Antonio Brown. His faith was rewarded, as those were the stars that carried him to victory in our annual Experts Auction League.   more »


Mock Auction: Yahoo's Pianowski leads Auction League

It's Week 8, which means we're about to the midway point of our annual Experts leagues. Each May, we gather a dozen fantasy experts to participate in our Auction and Draft leagues that run in the preseason magazine. We play them out during the season in a no-transaction league. Here's how the Auction is going so far.   more »


Andy Richardson: Checking in with the Index Experts Leagues

In the preseason magazine, the Experts Draft and Auction Leagues are assembled in mid-May. Has to happen that way to meet the publishing deadlines. But these aren't mock drafts and auctions; we play the leagues out over the course of the season in no-transaction, best-ball formats.   more »


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