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Tagged: Offensive line rankings (42 Results)

Offensive Lines: Updated offensive line rankings

Preseason is winding down, and the starters are in place for the league's 32 teams. A few surprises (a rookie sixth-rounder!), a trade or two, and more to shake things up in the rankings. Here are the noteworthy developments since the magazine, and the way the rankings look today.   more »


Offensive Lines: Updated Offensive Line Rankings

As we head into the home stretch of the fantasy (and NFL season), a check in with the offensive lines around the league. While it's not always the case, a lot of the stronger teams have stronger lines, and those teams are best situated to go on playoff runs. (Though last year's Bengals team was a notable exception.)  more »

Offensive Lines: Updated offensive line rankings

With a month of the season under our belts, we have a good sense of what the league's best and worst offensive lines are. And as injuries strike, and lines get more damaged (or return to health), there is more movement. Here are where things stand right now, along with some of the major developments.   more »


Offensive Lines: Updated offensive line rankings

With the preseason winding down, a look at the league's offensive lines. The big news came yesterday, in Dallas, but there are plenty of other developments around the league that cast doubt upon expectations, both for good lines and bad.   more »


Offensive Lines: Updated offensive line rankings

Pick a team, and there's a really good chance they've lost a key starter on the offensive line to injury. Some teams are or may soon be getting a banged-up player back, others have questions as we speak. Here are the latest rankings taking the most recent injuries into account.   more »


Offensive Lines: Updated offensive line rankings

Checking in on the league's offensive lines since the magazine, there have been a few developments, but relatively little in the way of major injuries or surprises. The Bucs, Browns, Packers and Saints look like they have the league's best offensive lines. The Steelers, Panthers and Giants look worst.   more »


Offensive Lines: Updated Offensive Line Rankings

Checking in on the offensive line rankings for the first time in several weeks, there's been a whole lot of movements. Injuries are up this year, not only to top wide receivers around the league (most notably), but linemen too. Looking at the carnage, the NFL's Eastern divisions have been hardest hit.  more »


Offensive Lines: Updated offensive line rankings

San Francisco and Philadelphia are two of the NFC's best teams, among the favorites in their respective divisions (either them or Seattle and Dallas, respectively). But both have suffered significant setbacks to their offensive lines that could negatively impact their chances.   more »


Offensive Lines: Updated offensive line rankings

It's not unusual for players to get hurt during preseason workouts or games. But in 2020, we've got the unique development of players who will either miss games due to COVID-19, or are already opting out of the entire season. And those developments have impacted the initial offensive line rankings.   more »


Offensive Lines: Jets, Washington battling with star linemen

The story of the week (maybe the season) with offensive lines is teams versus players. The highest-profile battle is Washington and Trent Williams, but there's another ugly one with the Jets and Kelechi Osemele. Both involve ongoing off-field battles.   more »

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Offensive Lines: A Central concern

The Chargers lost a bizarre heartbreaker last week, with a couple of touchdowns overturned in the final minute and then Melvin Gordon's inexcusable fumble. But the story with this offense's struggles lately is the loss of center Mike Pouncey (pictured). It's destroyed this offensive line.   more »


Offensive Lines: Can KC protect Matt Moore?

Kansas City clobbered the Broncos last night, but the big story was Patrick Mahomes going down with a dislocated kneecap. Early reports have him missing a minimum of three weeks, and needing surgery after the season. The insertion of journeyman Matt Moore into the lineup could highlight Kansas City's offensive line issues.   more »


Offensive Lines: Left tackles ranked

We're a month into the season. Taylor Lewan is now back. Russell Okung and Trent Williams seem to be out of the picture. And there are other injuries and whatnot. Decent time to take a look at the left tackle landscape again -- which guys are best at their jobs these days.   more »


Offensive Lines: Philly is special

Watching last night's Eagles-Packers game, where Jordan Howard made those of us who dismissed him as a barely functional slug in the preseason look bad, it struck me that a great offensive line can make an ordinary player look really good. And the Eagles have a great line.   more »


Offensive Lines: Come back, Taylor Lewan

Watching Marcus Mariota absorb 9 sacks last night, it occurred that the Titans could really use left tackle Taylor Lewan. He was suspended for the first four games, and the Titans have proceeded to allow 17 sacks in three games. That's a 91-sack pace over a 16-game season, which probably won't continue. Probably.   more »


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