It's been an interesting couple of weeks for wideouts selected late in the first round -- both in 2019, and recent years. N'Keal Harry is on IR. Josh Doctson and Laquon Treadwell (2016 vintage) were released in final cutdowns. And Marquise Brown just won some fantasy matchups (or frustrated teams by blowing up from their bench). So did Phillip Dorsett (2015).

The "Hollywood" Brown game was particularly impressive, since his debut was better than some entire seasons for rookie wideouts selected in his area of the draft. Granted, he wasn't facing an actual NFL team when he caught 4 passes for 147 yards and 2 TDs last week, but still. Impressive debut.

I pulled out the numbers for all wide receivers drafted late in the first round -- I chose picks 20-32, or 31 for a couple of those years -- since 2000. Shown are their rookie year receiving numbers, and not surprisingly those haven't been great. One 1,000-yard guy, and just five even making it to 800 yards.

201428Kelvin Benjamin, Car.7310089
200723Dwayne Bowe, K.C.709955
200625Santonio Holmes, Pitt.498243
201826Calvin Ridley, Atl.6482110
201327DeAndre Hopkins, Hou.528022
200922Percy Harvin, Minn.607908
200929Hakeem Nicks, NYG477906
201824D.J. Moore, Car.557882
200930Kenny Britt, Tenn.427013
200021Sylvester Morris, K.C.486783
201621Will Fuller, Hou.476353
201220Kendall Wright, Tenn.646264
200732Anthony Gonzalez, Ind.375763
201024Dez Bryant, Dall.455618
201420Brandin Cooks, N.O.535504
200522Mark Clayton, Balt.444713
201329Cordarrelle Patterson, Minn.454699
200527Roddy White, Atl.294463
200521Matt Jones, Jac.364325
200130Reggie Wayne, Ind.273450
200220Javon Walker, G.B.233191
201520Nelson Agholor, Phil.232831
201022Demaryius Thomas, Den.222832
200125Freddie Mitchell, Phil.212831
201126Jon Baldwin, K.C.212541
201529Phillip Dorsett, Ind.182251
200730Craig Davis, S.D.201881
200431Rashaun Woods, S.F.71601
200029R. Jay Soward, Jac.141541
200429Michael Jenkins, Atl.71190
201622Josh Doctson, Wash.2660
201623Laquon Treadwell, Minn.1150
201526Breshad Perriman, Balt.000
200727Robert Meachem, N.O.000
201230A.J. Jenkins, S.F.000
201925Marquise Brown, Balt.???
201932N'Keal Harry, N.E.???

But forgetting rookie numbers alone, which are often poor for rookie receivers, what about their careers? How many of the guys on this list would be drafted in the first round again? Those are the players I listed in bold in the table.

I count 12 out of 35, which is about 35 percent, and I think I'm being reasonable. I decided to sign off early on Calvin Ridley and D.J. Moore, and I included some guys who had a couple or three good seasons but not superstars (Bowe, Nicks, Harvin). No on Kenny Britt. Will Fuller was another tough one -- talented guy, but can he put together a healthy season at some point? He's missed 17 of 32 games over the last two seasons. Phillip Dorsett is having some nice games in New England, but he might be their No. 4 this week.

What I thought was especially interesting was that nearly all the guys who hit put up solid numbers as rookies. Of my 12, six had at least 790 receiving yards in their first seasons. Only three (Roddy White, Reggie Wayne and Demaryius Thomas) were under 500.

Which says to me that if Harry and Brown are going to be successful pros, they'll likely need to put up decent numbers right out of the gate. The guys who didn't generally fizzled out. A worrying sign for Harry, and good news for Brown.

--Andy Richardson