ASK THE EXPERTS appears weekly from training camp through the Super Bowl with answers to a new question being posted Thursday morning. How the guest experts responded when we asked them: Which player are you most looking forward to seeing with their new team?


I love Tom Brady in Tampa Bay. And with Gronkowski! Hell... Tom Terrific has three significant tight ends in O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate! And Mike Evans and Chris Godwin...oh my. Add in a chip on the 43-year old's shoulder (happy Birthday GOAT) and it is firework time. Figure 4,600 yards, 30 TDs and 12 INTs and a whole lot of fun to watch. Pass the popcorn.

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When players move to new teams, they more often than not become good values since they receive a decrease in expectations away from their old team. DeAndre Hopkins is an easy answer here but he's going to remain an elite player regardless of where he plays. And while Melvin Gordon is very interesting in Denver, I have to go with Todd Gurley. So much to answer -- is he still an elite back or just a hobbled ex-stud? The Falcons have a great rushing schedule this season which will ease the transition and there's no one else of any note there to steal away carries. He could break down and disappoint of course, but this is his chance to rebound and show he has something left in the tank on a team with an excellent passing game and schedule.

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I am really curious to what Tom Brady will be able to do with more weapons around him in the passing game and without Bill Belichick micro-managing him and taking the fun out of the game. I bet we will not only see a more productive Brady, but also a happier one.

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Hayden Hurst. He wasn’t used much in Baltimore, but as far as I can tell, he catches the ball just fine. He’s getting plugged into a pass-heavy offense in Atlanta, and I’m expecting he should be able to do pretty much all the same things that they were getting out of Austin Hooper. A possible top-5 tight end, I think.

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I look for DeAndre Hopkins to fit in nicely with Kyler Murray and Kenyan Drake in the Cardinals' developing offense. He will have the most impact on his new team among the major players changing teams in 2020. My initial reaction was to say Brady, but we must keep in mind that Jameis Winston, other than his excessive INTs, was on fire fantasy-wise in 2019.

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Since unexpectedly purchasing Tom Brady in the Experts Auction, I am definitely excited about his prospects for 2020. Tampa Bay has an unsettled running game, so reasonable to assume that the GOAT will be throwing more than usual this season. However, it's not just that uncertainty, Tampa Bay is loaded at WR/TE. Mike Evans is tall and talented, poised for his best year to date. Chris Godwin burst onto the scene in 2019 and should be even better this year. Gronk is rested and refreshed, and above all, really motivated to make the "let's get the band back together" reunion with TB12 strategy pay off. O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate are really talented, too. About 35-40 TDs shouldn't be surprising to anybody.

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The one guy best positioned to do more with his new team than he did with his old team has to be David Johnson, now of the Houston Texans. Sure, it was a comically bad trade, not only in terms of what Bill O’Brien paid to acquire Johnson but also in terms of what the Texans will pay Johnson going forward. But a bad trade for the team is not a bad trade for the player. DeAndre Hopkins leaves a ton of targets behind him; Johnson is a remarkable pass-catcher, and neither of the new receivers (Brandin Cooks, Randall Cobb) inspire much confidence at this point in their careers. And meanwhile O’Brien is absolutely certain to feed Johnson all game every game, both to justify the trade and because he is the very sort of genius who thinks that if running and winning are correlated, that must mean running is all an offense has to do to win. Expect an absurd workload and numbers well north of what Carlos Hyde produced in 2019.

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I don't think I can fairly use the word excited to describe any of the big-name players tied to team changes. We've been drilled to distrust pass-catchers for their first new season, especially if the move involves a promotion in role, and obviously the 2020 preseason presents unique challenges. By default, I'll center on Tom Brady, who is getting a fresh influx of playmaker help at a time he desperately needs it. That said, Brady has no significant rushing component to his game, and he is entering an age-43 season. This draft season, I'll lean into continuity when I can.

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Tom Brady's departure from New England and arrival in Tampa has such an impact on many different players. Not only do we get to watch the fascinating drama of how the Patriots and Bill Belichick move forward without Brady under center, but Brady himself is such a contrast from Jameis Winston, who put up superb numbers in Bruce Arians' offense last year. We know Brady will be a huge upgrade as far as limiting turnovers, but without those downfield opportunities, will Chris Godwin and Mike Evans be as good? That duo is far and away better than any Brady had to target during his Patriots' tenure, so it will be interesting to see how those targets are distributed and how Rob Gronkowski rebounds after a year off. The Bucs also have an unsettled backfield and Brady's New England offenses were almost always among the league leaders in rushing touchdowns.

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While the quarterback moves are fascinating, I'm particularly interested in two running backs who will be drafted as starters in every fantasy league. The Texans are hitching their wagon to David Johnson, and the Falcons are doing the same with Todd Gurley. We all have questions about the durability and health of both players, but the team investments and talented quarterbacks they're working with should mean both running lanes and a sizable passing game role as long as they are on the field. While neither back is as "safe" as the ones being taken in the first two rounds, who generally are younger and healthier, both have similar if not better upside as potential three-down backs in high-powered offenses.

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