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Holiday Brees

Saints QB should be an Xmas present

The Saints and Vikings are playing on Christmas day, but it's not certain the Vikings will have a player named Rudolph available to suit up for them. What is certain is that Drew Brees will be facing a lesser pass defense, that's struggled against most of the better quarterbacks its faced.

Brees looked pretty shaky for a lot of the game against Kansas City last week, especially so in the first half. He was coming back from something ridiculous like 11 broken ribs and a damaged lung, so needing to work off a little rust is understandable. But he got things going in the second half, throwing 3 touchdowns, and he has a nice matchup with the Vikings.

By my count, Minnesota has played eight games against better quarterbacks this season. I left out Philip Rivers, which maybe isn't fair, but that was back in Week 2 when Rivers looked like (in the eyes of some) he should be benched for Jacoby Brissett. Anyway, here's how those eight upper-level quarterbacks have fared against the Vikings this season.

Rodgers, G.B.36540
Tannehill, Tenn.32101
Watson, Hou.30020
Wilson, Sea.21731
Ryan, Atl.37140
Rodgers, G.B.29130
Stafford/Daniel, Det.30523
Brady, T.B.19620

Six of those eight guys (Chase Daniel finished the Detroit game) passed for over 290 yards, and seven threw multiple touchdowns; half threw at least 3 against this defense.

I'm not sure yet where Brees will show up in the Week 16 rankings. He's not going to have Michael Thomas, and may be throwing to a couple of practice squad or special team type wideouts along with Emmanuel Sanders. But a nice week, I think, for Brees to maybe finish with 280-plus yards and 2-3 touchdowns.

--Andy Richardson

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