If you like elite tight ends, this is a good Super Bowl for you. Travis Kelce and Rob Gronkowski are two of the best to ever play the position.

Kelce has caught 305 passes in the last three seasons, including two years with double-digit touchdowns. Gronkowski isn’t the difference maker he’s been in the past, but he’s got more dominant seasons on his resume. And Gronk is still a viable player.

In the last 20 years, 22 tight ends have averaged at least 16 points per game (using PPR scoring). Kelce and Gronk have authored almost half of those seasons – six for Gronkowski and three for Kelce.

On the Super Bowl prop bets, the over-under on Kelce is set at 7.5 catches. That’s a big number, but I would take the over. He’s really good, and their using him more now than they were early in the season.

Kelce has caught only 3-6 passes in five games, and those all came in the first seven weeks of the season. Since that time, he’s caught at least 8 passes in nine of his last 10 games. He caught 7 passes for 98 yards against Atlanta, but at least 8 receptions in his last nine other games.

PER-GAME TIGHT ENDS (last 20 years)
2020Travis Kelce, K.C.
2011Rob Gronkowski, N.E.165.682.91.1320.7
2013Jimmy Graham, N.O.165.475.91.0019.0
2010Antonio Gates, S.D.
2018Travis Kelce, K.C.166.483.5.6318.5
2011Jimmy Graham, N.O.
2012Rob Gronkowski, N.E.
2014Rob Gronkowski, N.E.155.574.9.8017.8
2015Jordan Reed, Was.
2020Darren Waller, L.V.166.774.8.5617.7
2018Zach Ertz, Phil.167.372.7.5017.5
2013Rob Gronkowski, N.E.75.684.6.5717.5
2005Antonio Gates, S.D.155.973.4.6717.3
2015Rob Gronkowski, N.E.154.878.4.7317.0
2004Antonio Gates, S.D.155.464.3.8717.0
2009Dallas Clark, Ind.166.369.1.6317.0
2004Tony Gonzalez, K.C.166.478.6.4416.9
2008Tony Gonzalez, K.C.
2015Delanie Walker, Ten.156.372.5.4016.3
2017Rob Gronkowski, N.E.144.977.4.5716.2
2018George Kittle, S.F.165.586.1.3116.2
2019Travis Kelce, K.C.

—Ian Allan