Saw a tweet from Adam Schefter today about Louisiana State wideouts. JaMarr Chase (pictured) will definitely be a first-round pick in next month's draft -- possibly No. 6 overall to Miami -- and Terrace Marshall will probably be drafted in either the first or second round. It continues a nice run of respect for LSU players at the position.

Since 2000, Louisiana State has had 10 wide receivers selected in the first two rounds of the draft. Chase will make 11, Marshall, if it happens, will make 12. Pretty impressive, and it's also impressive that most of those guys have had at least some degree of success.

Most recently, of course, Justin Jefferson caught 88 passes for a rookie record 1,400 yards and 7 touchdowns last year. That makes him the 6th of those 10 wideouts to have at least one 1,000-yard season at some point in their career. He's also the 9th of the 10 to have at least one season ranking among the top 50 fantasy wideouts (PPR scoring). All of those players didn't live up to expectations, but all but one of them had at least one fantasy-relevant season (most have had multiple such years).

Table shows all the top-50 fantasy seasons since being drafted in the first two rounds by those previous LSU wideouts.

20071232010Dwayne Bowe, K.C.133721162154
20142632017Jarvis Landry, Mia.16111298794
20141122016Odell Beckham, NYG1691011367104
20141122015Odell Beckham, NYG158961450135
20201222020Justin Jefferson, Min.12588140076
20141122014Odell Beckham, NYG130911305128
20142632015Jarvis Landry, Mia.166110115749
20142632019Jarvis Landry, Cle.138831174612
20142632016Jarvis Landry, Mia.131941136413
20071232011Dwayne Bowe, K.C.142811159514
20041152004Michael Clayton, T.B.122801193714
20141122018Odell Beckham, NYG124771052615
20071232008Dwayne Bowe, K.C.157861022716
20182612019DJ Chark, Jac.118731008818
20142632018Jarvis Landry, Cle.14981976418
20071232007Dwayne Bowe, K.C.11670995522
20141122019Odell Beckham, Cle.133741035425
20142632014Jarvis Landry, Mia.11284758530
20122632014Rueben Randle, NYG12771938332
20142632020Jarvis Landry, Cle.10172840333
20122632015Rueben Randle, NYG9057797833
20042502006Devery Henderson, N.O.5432745541
20042502009Devery Henderson, N.O.8351804243
20071232012Dwayne Bowe, K.C.11459801343
20071232013Dwayne Bowe, K.C.10357673543
20022362003Josh Reed, Buff.10458588244
20042502008Devery Henderson, N.O.5632793346
20182612020DJ Chark, Jac.9353706549

(If we expanded the list to include LSU wideouts drafted in later rounds, there'd be a couple of other players with top-50 seasons: third-rounder Brandon LaFell, and sixth-rounder Russell Gage.)

The only player not to show up on this list is former Charger Craig Davis. Drafted with the 30th pick back in 2007, his career never got off the ground. He was out of the league four years later. But he's the exception. Everyone else, to varying degrees, worked out pretty well. I'm excited about the possibility to select Chase in the first few picks of a rookie draft. Marshall will also be an intriguing pick.

--Andy Richardson