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JaMarr Chase

Long receptions fueled Bengal's big rookie season

Strictly off the measurables, you wouldn’t think JaMarr Chase would be one of the very best deep threats in the game. There are plenty of wide receivers who are bigger, and there are many who are faster. There also are a lot who are more experienced.

But Chase sure made a ton of big catches downfield, capped off by a 46-yard reception in the Super Bowl. Like DeAndre Hopkins, Chase has a great sense for tracking and adjusting to balls when they’re in the air. And Joe Burrow isn’t afraid to give his receivers a chance to win on those balls.

The results in Chase’s first season were pretty impressive. Chase caught 13 touchdowns, and they came from an average of almost 39 yards.

In the last 10 years, 71 wide receivers have caught at least 10 TDs in a season. Only five of those players averaged over 30 yards per catch.

Not that Chase is just a deep-ball catcher. He’s not a DeSean Jackson type speedster who disappears around the goal line – he can catch those contested balls around the goal line also. So I suppose another season averaging over 30 yards on touchdowns is unlikely. But he looks about as likely as anyone to score multiple touchdowns from 50-plus yards next year.

Year PlayerTDAvg
2021JaMarr Chase1338.7
2014Jordy Nelson1337.2
2015Odell Beckham1335.7
2018Tyreek Hill1233.1
2018Tyler Lockett1031.1
2013A.J. Green1130.2
2012Dez Bryant1229.3
2014Jeremy Maclin1028.8
2016Odell Beckham1028.7
2018Calvin Ridley1028.0
2018Antonio Brown1527.4
2019Kenny Golladay1127.2
2015Allen Hurns1026.2
2012Julio Jones1026.2
2020Tyreek Hill1526.1
2012Victor Cruz1025.8
2013Demaryius Thomas1425.5
2015Doug Baldwin1425.3
2013Calvin Johnson1225.3
2020A.J. Brown1125.2
2014Odell Beckham1224.4
2015Ted Ginn1024.2
2014Dez Bryant1624.0
2015A.J. Green1023.9
2014Demaryius Thomas1123.0
2020DK Metcalf1022.5
2012A.J. Green1122.5
2013Larry Fitzgerald1022.0
2014Antonio Brown1321.6
2012Demaryius Thomas1021.4
2021• DK Metcalf1221.0
2014Mike Evans1220.8
2016Antonio Brown1220.5
2014Torrey Smith1120.4
2017DeAndre Hopkins1319.5
2015Brandon Marshall1419.4
2015DeAndre Hopkins1119.1
2017Davante Adams1018.7
2018DeAndre Hopkins1118.6
2021• Justin Jefferson1018.5
2016Davante Adams1217.8
2019Cooper Kupp1017.5
2018Mike Williams1017.5
2016Mike Evans1216.9
2012Brandon Marshall1116.7
2015Allen Robinson1415.9
2013Eric Decker1115.3
2021• Mike Evans1414.6
2014Alshon Jeffery1014.2
2015Antonio Brown1014.0
2021• Cooper Kupp1613.6
2012Eric Decker1313.4
2012James Jones1413.4
2014Randall Cobb1213.0
2013Brandon Marshall1212.8
2013Marvin Jones1012.6
2020Tyler Lockett1012.3
2013Dez Bryant1312.2
2020Davante Adams1812.0
2014Mike Wallace1011.7
2018Davante Adams1311.2
2012Marques Colston1011.1
2020Mike Evans1310.9
2021• Adam Thielen1010.9
2021• Davante Adams1110.5
2016Jordy Nelson1410.4
2013Jerricho Cotchery1010.4
2021• Stefon Diggs1010.3
2015Eric Decker1210.3
2020Adam Thielen149.1
2013Wes Welker106.0

—Ian Allan

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