I see on the schedule that Cleveland is playing at Houston this year. That game did not get selected for national television, but it’s at least late in the year. That gives Deshaun Watson a better chance of being available for his first game against his former team.

For fantasy purposes, Watson is one of the most difficult players to grade right now. Facing 22 civil lawsuits alleging sexual and misconduct at massage sessions, he’ll probably be hit with a lengthy suspension – perhaps 6-8 games – but it’s up in the air. The league potentially could wait until those lawsuits are settled, maybe delaying a Watson suspension until 2023. Or maybe the suspension is even longer. Nobody really knows.

When Watson gets on the field, however, he should be one of the top half-dozen producers at his position. He’s an elite, playmaking quarterback, and he contributes as both a passer and a runner.

Consider the chart below. It shows the per-game numbers for the 26 quarterbacks who’ve started at least half the time over the last three years. There are five stats listed: Passing yards and touchdowns, rushing yards and touchdowns, and interceptions. Watson is the only quarterback who ranks in the top 10 in all five categories.

Using standard fantasy scoring, Watson has put up the 2nd-best overall quarterbacking numbers over the past three years.

The QB Watson is replacing, on the other hand, has averaged the 2nd-worst numbers during the same time period – with Baker Mayfield ahead of only Sam Darnold.

Lamar Jackson422081.85.6670.3827.1
• Deshaun Watson312791.90.6127.3526.5
Justin Herbert322922.15.7816.2526.5
Patrick Mahomes462952.19.5219.1326.4
Josh Allen492451.89.6934.4826.3
Dak Prescott373022.05.6713.2126.1
Kyler Murray462491.52.7338.4325.0
Tom Brady492852.18.652.1624.2
Aaron Rodgers482582.31.279.1424.0
Russell Wilson462482.08.5222.1523.9
Joe Burrow262801.80.7310.1923.3
Ryan Tannehill432361.76.6016.4123.1
Matthew Stafford412792.09.785.0022.9
Kirk Cousins472572.00.557.0622.1
Matt Ryan482711.50.776.0820.7
Carson Wentz452271.55.6416.1520.4
Derek Carr492641.44.636.1020.2
Jared Goff452631.35.825.1319.9
Daniel Jones372261.21.7826.1319.8
Philip Rivers322741.46.960.0019.7
Andy Dalton282441.281.109.1419.2
Teddy Bridgewater342351.23.5812.2019.1
Ben Roethlisberger332391.66.630.0318.9
Jimmy Garoppolo372401.45.813.1018.8
Baker Mayfield462261.41.919.1018.5
Sam Darnold362101.021.0213.2517.6

—Ian Allan