Travis Kelce scored 4 touchdowns last week, and he did it despite finishing the game with only 25 yards of offense. Nobody has ever done that before. Nobody has even come close.

In the Super Bowl era, only eight other players have scored 4 touchdowns while finishing with fewer than 100 yards (rushing and receiving). Danny Woodhead was the previous low-yardage guy, at 60 yards in a game against the Dolphins in 2015.

One other active player has scored 4 TDs while finishing with fewer than 100 yards: Marvin Jones, who caught 10 passes for 93 yards and 4 TDs against the Vikings in 2019. Jones also had a 4-TD game with Cincinnati, so would be cool to see him get one more this year – giving him three, all with cat-themed teams (Bengals, Lions, Jaguars).

2022Travis Kelce, K.C.L.V.W 30-2900725254
2015Danny Woodhead, S.D.Mia.W 30-14810650604
2004T.J. Duckett, Atl.Oak.W 35-10126500654
1997Harvey Williams, S.D.W 38-1347359664
1999Az-Zahir Hakim, Cin.W 38-1000378784
2008DeAngelo Williams, G.B.W 35-312172314864
1975O.J. Simpson, Buff.N.E.W 45-312769422914
1968Leroy Kelly, Clev.NYGW 45-101656335914
2019Marvin Jones, Det.Min.L 30-42001093934

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If you lower the bar to 3 TDs, things start opening up. Particularly with running backs. Since the merger, 30 running backs have scored 4 TDs while finishing with fewer than 40 rushing yards. Jerome Bettis in 2004 finished with 5 carries for 1 yard, with 3 TDs.

1979Hank Bauer, N.O.W 35-041.33
2004Jerome Bettis, Pitt.Oak.W 24-2151.23
1999Mario Bates, Min.L 21-4143.83
1979Booker Russell, Oak.S.D.W 45-22331.03
1983Reggie Evans, Was.Det.W 38-17104.43
1975Don McCauley, Mia.W 33-17661.03
1998Jake Plummer, Was.W 45-426101.73
1974Jon Keyworth, Den.K.C.L 34-424123.03
2013Darrel Young, Was.S.D.W 30-245122.43
1987D.J. Dozier, Min.Den.W 34-277152.13
1984Otis Wonsley, Was.Det.W 28-146162.73
2020Dak Prescott, Dall.Atl.W 40-395183.63
2006Marcel Shipp, St.L.W 34-207213.03
1991Kenneth Davis, Buff.Rdrs.W 51-310212.13
2005LaBrandon Toefield, Hou.W 38-204246.03
1970Jim Kiick, Mia.Buf.W 45-711242.23
2012Mike Tolbert, N.O.W 44-3810252.53
1995William Floyd, S.F.Chi.W 44-1510252.53
2006Corey Dillon, N.E.Det.W 28-219252.83
2003Travis Henry, Jac.W 38-1721261.23
2014Matt Asiata, Min.Was.W 29-2610262.63
2007Daunte Culpepper, Mia.W 35-177284.03
1997Karim Abdul-Jabbar, N.E.L 24-2718331.83
1988Ottis Anderson, NYGPhoe.W 44-711343.13
1989Merril Hoge, Mia.W 34-1414372.63
2000Rich Gannon, Ind.W 38-3110373.73
2006Reggie Bush, N.O.S.F.W 34-1010373.73
1998Bam Morris, S.D.L 37-3823391.73
1970Clint Jones, Min.Det.W 24-2010393.93
1994Bernie Parmalee, Mia.Det.W 27-2018392.23

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—Ian Allan