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New York Jets

Jets going back to Wilson at quarterback

The Jets are going back to Zach Wilson at quarterback. Lord help us all.

We’ve seen Wilson in seven games already this year. The Jets have averaged 183 passing yards in those seven games, with 4 TDs.

We’ve seen six games where the Jets went with other quarterbacks. They averaged 309 passing yards in those games, with 8 TDs.

As well as Garrett Wilson has played recently, I think it’s reasonable to consider sitting him down this week. He looks like he’ll probably develop into a top-10 wide receiver, but I don’t know that Zach Wilson is good enough to get him the ball.

JETS 2022 GAMES (ordered by passing yards)
Mike Whiteat Min.L 22-27315736902
Zach WilsonN.E.L 17-22204135523
Mike WhiteChi.W 31-10222831530
Joe FlaccoBalt.L 9-24375930911
Joe Flaccoa Clev.W 31-30264430740
Joe FlaccoCin.L 12-27285228502
Mike Whiteat Buff.L 12-20274426800
Zach Wilsonat Pitt.W 24-20183625212
Zach WilsonMia.W 40-17142121000
Zach WilsonBuff.W 20-17182515410
Zach Wilsonat Den.W 16-9162612100
Zach Wilsonat G.B.W 27-10101811000
Zach Wilsonat N.E.L 3-109227700

—Ian Allan

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