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Davante Adams

Will uncertain quarterbacking derail Adams?

With Jimmy Garoppolo having durability problems and playing behind a suspect offensive line, it’s fair to be concerned about Davante Adams. What is that offense going to look like if Brian Hoyer is at quarterback? But at the same time, Adams has been pretty consistently awesome.

When we last saw Adams, he was playing just fine with Jarrett Stidham at quarterback. And he’s been scoring a lot of touchdowns for a lot of years.

Adams has caught double-digit touchdowns three years in a row. The first player to string together such a three-year streak while playing for different teams. And only 15 other players period have been able to catch 10-plus touchdowns in three straight seasons (since the 1970 merger).

Adams has done it twice. He caught 10-plus in the 2016-18 seasons with the Packers, and he’s done it the last three years.

Only four players have been able to catch 10-plus touchdowns in three straight seasons more than twice. Marvin Harrison is the all-time leader in this category, with 6 (one ahead of Jerry Rice). Randy Moss and Cris Carter have each done it 3 times.

The 32 such three-year blocks are listed below. Using PPR scoring, Adams’ most recent three-year period has been the 4th-most productive.

Seasons PlayerRecYardsAvgTDPPR
1993-1995Jerry Rice, S.F.3324,85014.6431075.0
2014-2016Antonio Brown, Pitt.3714,81613.0351062.6
2000-2002Marvin Harrison, Ind.3544,65913.2401059.9
2020-2022Davante Adams, G.B.-L.V.3384,44313.1431040.3
1999-2001Marvin Harrison, Ind.3264,60014.1411032.0
2001-2003Marvin Harrison, Ind.3464,51813.1361013.8
2000-2002Terrell Owens, S.F.2904,16314.442958.3
2012-2014Demaryius Thomas, Den.2974,48315.135955.3
1992-1994Sterling Sharpe, G.B.3143,85412.342951.4
2002-2004Marvin Harrison, Ind.3234,10712.736949.7
1989-1991Jerry Rice, S.F.2624,19116.044945.1
1992-1994Jerry Rice, S.F.2944,20314.338942.3
2012-2014Dez Bryant, Dall.2733,93514.441912.5
2014-2016Odell Beckham, NYG2884,12214.335910.2
2007-2009Randy Moss, N.E.2503,76515.147908.5
1995-1997Cris Carter, Min.3073,60311.740907.3
1998-2000Randy Moss, Min.2264,16318.443900.3
2007-2009Larry Fitzgerald, Ariz.2933,93213.435896.2
1991-1993Jerry Rice, S.F.2623,91014.939887.0
1990-1992Jerry Rice, S.F.2643,90914.837876.9
1994-1996Carl Pickens, Cin.2703,54113.140864.1
1999-2001Randy Moss, Min.2394,08317.136863.3
2004-2006Marvin Harrison, Ind.2633,62513.839859.5
2003-2005Marvin Harrison, Ind.2623,53113.537837.1
1991-1993Andre Rison, Atl.2603,33712.838821.7
2006-2008Terrell Owens, Dall.2353,58715.338821.7
1997-1999Cris Carter, Min.2573,32112.938817.1
1996-1998Cris Carter, Min.2633,24312.335797.3
2016-2018Davante Adams, G.B.2603,26812.635796.8
1990-1992Andre Rison, Atl.2563,30312.933784.3
1978-1980John Jefferson, S.D.1993,43117.236758.1
2010-2012Rob Gronkowski, N.E.1872,66314.238681.3

Ultimately, I think Adams will be selected a little earlier than I would want to take him. I'd rather than wade into the Las Vegas offense much.

—Ian Allan

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