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What NFL trade would you like to see happen?

Henry, Cousins should move

ASK THE EXPERTS appears weekly from training camp through the Super Bowl with answers to a new question being posted Thursday morning. How the guest experts responded when we asked them: What NFL trade would you like to see happen?


I would love to see the Buccaneers trade for Derrick Henry. The Titans are going nowhere this year and Henry becomes a free agent in the offseason. Henry won't compensate for the poor offensive line, but he can offer much more than Rachaad White, who makes a perfectly suitable third-down, pass-catching back. The Bucs play in the NFC South that will be wide open through the end of the year and Henry can supply that extra offensive capability to get them into the playoffs.

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I want to say Mike Evans to anywhere to #FreeTreyPalmer, but since that's a bit of a deep cut how about Davante Adams-for-Deebo Samuel in an absolute whopper? Adams is a Bay Area native and could be downright preposterous in Shanahanland, while Deebo would get a fresh start (and larger target share) in Sin City. Plus is it just me or does Deebo just kind of have that je ne sais quoi of the silver and black? But seriously Tampa, free Trey Palmer.

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I'd like to see Jahan Dotson escape the madness that is the Washington offense! He has WR1 talent, but it's wasted for the Commanders in a dysfunctional offense where he simply isn't a priority. That said, I don't see it happening, since he's only in his second season. If he were in his 4th season, I could see a trade happening.

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The Ravens look awfully strong, but they’ve got that weirdly lame combo of Gus Edwards and Justice Hill at tailback. I would like to see Baltimore bolster that position, potentially elevating them above Kansas City in the AFC pecking order. Would be cool to see Derrick Henry, Josh Jacobs or Saquon Barkley added to that offense.

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Derrick Henry to the Ravens. The Ravens are passing the ball at a 48 percent rate (that’s 31st in the NFL). They have clearly abandoned the preseason narrative that offensive coordinator Todd Monken was going to make this a pass-first team. J.K. Dobbins out for the season with a torn Achilles clearly hurt the Ravens, and they’ve been trying to piece their backfield together with Gus Edwards and Justice Hill. With a 5-2 record, the Ravens would love to make a playoff push, and Derrick Henry is the perfect piece to have an elite offense alongside their elite defense. Having just faced him, the Ravens got to see him firsthand when he rushed for eight yards per carry. He’s still King Henry. It’s also worth noting that the Titans just traded arguably their best player, safety Kevin Byard, to the Eagles. It seems the Titans are beginning to sell.

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The deal I would love to see, but isn’t going to happen. Is Kirk Cousins to the Jets. But Cousins has a no-trade clause so that’s moot. Of the players mentioned as being on the block, I’d most like to see Chase Young end up on a contender like Buffalo, Kansas City, or Philadelphia. He would thrive in a competitive, professional organization pushing for a Super Bowl.

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I'd like to see Kirk Cousins get traded to Atlanta. Quietly, the Falcons are a pretty complete team in every area--except quarterback. Cousins would unlock the draft equity Atlanta has poured into Kyle Pitts and Drake London. He'd have to waive his no-trade clause, but potentially could be convinced to do so with a new multi-year contract.

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I want to see the Broncos trade Jerry Jeudy to anyone — look to the CFL if needed — and start playing rookie Marvin Mims. Although Mims has made some rookie mistakes, he's also made a bunch of splash plays. The Broncos traded up to draft him. I'm still holding out hope that Mims could have fantasy value later in the season.

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I think it would be nice to actually get the Lions to the Super Bowl. As is, they don't have quite enough for it to happen. I think they need another wide receiver, and some sort of difference-maker on the defensive side of the ball. Surely they could land another receiver; perhaps trade for Davante Adams and he could just switch sidelines during the Monday Night Football game. But more realistically, perhaps a Bronco wideout. That's a start. On defense, they need a pass rusher; perhaps Danielle Hunter from the Vikings, or maybe Khalil Mack from the Chargers (unfortunately, reality probably won't set in for those teams before the trade deadline). I feel like the Dolphins should also be thinking about making some kind of move on the defensive side of the ball, after their fairly convincing recent losses to Buffalo and Philadelphia.

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