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Running in place

Texans stuff Derrick Henry

That was a tough day at the office for Derrick Henry. He’s burned the Texans over the years by running for 200-plus yards 4 times, but they got some nice payback on Sunday.

Henry carried the ball 16 times, and those touches (and this hardly seems possible) generated only 9 yards. That’s barely half a yard per attempt.

It actually gets worse if you factor in the passing stats. Henry caught 4 passes, but he averaged 9 inches per catch on those. So that puts him at 20 touches for only 10 yards.

It’s rare to see that kind of a game, because normally when running plays aren’t going anywhere, the offense gives up and tries something else.

In the Super Bowl era, there have only been 24 other instances in which a player carried the ball at least 15 times and didn’t average more than a yard per carry.

1998Karim Abdul-Jabbar, Mia.Den.W 31-21155.330
1998Emmitt Smith, N.O.L 3-22156.400
2020Saquon Barkley, NYGPitt.L 16-26156.400
2005LaDainian Tomlinson, Phil.L 17-20177.410
1967Dick Bass, LARat Det.W 31-7168.500
2007Rudi Johnson, Sea.L 21-24179.530
2023Derrick Henry, Ten.Hou.L 16-19169.560
1975Woody Green, Cle.L 14-40159.601
1975Mike Thomas, Hou.L 10-131711.650
2000Curtis Martin, NYJat Oak.L 7-311711.650
2002Emmitt Smith, Was.L 14-201813.720
1998Eddie George, Ten.S.D.L 7-131511.730
2005Michael Bennett, NYGW 24-211916.840
1986Craig James, Buff.W 23-31513.871
1998Lamar Smith, St.L.W 24-171614.880
1971Ken Willard, S.F.N.E.W 27-101614.881
1974Boobie Clark, Balt.W 24-141514.930
2012BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Pitt.W 13-101514.930
1997Napoleon Kaufman, Oak.N.O.L 10-131514.930
2019Sony Michel, N.E.Pitt.W 33-31514.930
2000Emmitt Smith, Dall.Cin.W 23-61716.940
1970Preston Pearson, Atl.L 16-2716161.000
2013Zac Stacy, Sea.L 9-2715151.000
1967Leroy Kelly, St.L.W 20-1615151.000
1989Marion Butts, S.D.Den.W 19-1616161.000

—Ian Allan

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