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Tagged: Kenny Pickett (43 Results)

Around the NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers

Whenever a veteran free agent or possible trade candidate quarterback is discussed, the Pittsburgh Steelers are mentioned as a possible landing spot. It's not surprising. They're a playoff team with a lot of good players on the roster, but a major shortcoming at quarterback.   more »



Pittsburgh QB Kenny Pickett undergoes surgery; Out for 2-4 weeks

Steelers QB Pickett underwent surgery for a high ankle sprain Monday morning following a loss to the 3-10 Arizona Cardinals in a surprise upset on Sunday.

Source: Fantasy Football Index

Fantasy News: Pittsburgh QB Kenny Pickett undergoes surgery; Out for 2-4 weeks

Steelers QB Pickett underwent surgery for a high ankle sprain Monday morning following a loss to the 3-10 Arizona Cardinals in a surprise upset on Sunday.  more »

Andy Richardson: Thursday Night Recap

The Steelers are having an interesting season. It's sort of like the Vikings a year ago -- winning a lot of close games, not really looking good in any of them. They did it again last night, making enough plays to sneak by Tennessee, 20-16.   more »


Factoid: Red-hot Steelers

I like the look of what’s going on in Pittsburgh. Their first-unit offense has been on the field for three possessions in the preseason, and it’s scored touchdowns on all of them.   more »


Factoid: Rookie QBs

There are some who believe experience is a key with rookie quarterbacks. Bill Parcells, for one, in his day preferred to draft prospects who had started at least 30 games in college. A pair of Parcells-type prospects were the most notable rookie quarterbacks last year, with Kenny Pickett and Brock Purdy both completing over 900 passes before they were drafted.   more »


Ian Allan: Regression to the mean

Everyone is familiar with the perils of hoping a player can repeat a big season. “Regression to the mean” and “sophomore slump” are terms that are commonly thrown around – different ways of suggesting that when you use an early pick on a player, you’re more likely to get something less than what you’re expecting. But is there a sweet spot where the math flips?   more »

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Factoid: Touchdown passes

While discussing George Pickens and Diontae Johnson (pictured) this week, the glaring weakness from Pittsburgh last year was touchdown passes. They threw just 12, which is a pitiful number. I said I thought they should throw at least 20 this season, and I still believe that, but some support for that belief is in order.   more »



Steelers WR Robinson building chemistry with new QB Pickett

New Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver ALLEN ROBINSON is looking to get back to his old self after consecutive down years. Robinson is a former 1,000 plus yard wide receiver, but heMore has not surpassed 410 yards in a season since 2020. Robinson is set to play with his third team in as many years and is working hard to recover from foot surgery and build rapport with his new quarterback, KENNY PICKETT. Robinson said recently that his plan is to work out together several times with Pickett in the weeks ahead. Less


Factoid: Kenny Pickett

I liked the way Kenny Pickett played late last year, going 6-1 in his last seven full games. He led those late-game touchdown drives to pull out wins against the Raiders and Ravens. I just wish he had thrown a few more touchdown passes.   more »



Steelers sign QB Rudolph to one-year contract

The Pittsburgh Steelers announced this week that they have signed quarterback MASON RUDOLPH to a one-year contract. Rudolph returns to the Steelers after a two-month stint on the free agent market.More Rudolph is a former third-round pick from the 2018 NFL Draft and has served as the Steelers backup or third-string quarterback during his time with the team. Barring injury, Rudolph is expected to assume the third-string role behind starter KENNY PICKETT and veteran backup MITCH TRUBISKY. Less

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Around the NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers acquired Allen Robinson from the Rams yesterday. I don't think it's a particularly exciting acquisition; we've got two years of evidence to say it's over for the former star. But it's a cheap enough flier, and he's joining an offense that's headed in the right direction.   more »


Factoid: Kenny Pickett

What to make of Kenny Pickett? He had a decent rookie season, winning some games and operating the offense, but the overall production was pretty meager.  more »



Canada to return as Steelers offensive coordinator

The Pittsburgh Steelers confirmed on Wednesday that offensive coordinator Matt Canada will return to the team for a third season. Despite an outcry to fire him and numerous rumors about hisMore coaching status, Canada’s future was reportedly never really in doubt after the offense continued to show signs of improvement late in the season. The Steelers won their last four games and six of their final seven as rookie quarterback KENNY PICKETT continued to develop – with both factors playing into the decision to retain Canada. Less

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Around the NFL: Matt Canada

For better or for worse, the Steelers apparently are sticking with offensive coordinator Matt Canada. So says a report in an area newspaper.   more »


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