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Tagged: offensive lines (17 Results)

Offensive Lines: Minnesota Vikings

Working on the offensive line story for the magazine, I noticed an anomaly with the Minnesota Vikings. They're one of just two teams (New Orleans) that will start an entirely homegrown line of first- and second-round draft picks. Negative is that only one of Minnesota's guys has been to a Pro Bowl, and its performance metrics a year ago were disappointing.   more »


Offensive Lines: Updated Offensive Line Rankings

Checking in on the offensive lines around the league, two of the very best are facing significant questions at the start of training camp. One situation just cropped up yesterday, while one has been brewing for a while.   more »


Offensive Lines: Los Angeles Rams

Working on the offensive line story for the magazine, I think I've identified an area of concern for the Rams repeating as Super Bowl champs. The line protecting Matthew Stafford definitely won't be as good.   more »


Offensive Lines: Dolphins, Bengals adding talent

Offensive line play drives offensive performance, although some teams can overcome it and thrive anyway, like the AFC Champion Cincinnati Bengals. But Joe Burrow was sacked 70 times during the season and postseason, including 7 while losing the Super Bowl, so it's not surprising they're one of the teams doing the most in free agency.  more »


Offensive Lines: Playoff Offensive Lines

On the eve of the playoffs, some developments with the league's offensive lines. The playoff lines, that is. Most notably, the Colts might get left tackle Eric Fisher back in the lineup. And in maybe the most significant news, the Packers think they'll have all-pro David Bakhtiari.   more »


Around the NFL: Offensive lines

Back in 2019, the Broncos thought they'd secured the right tackle position for years to come when they signed JaWuan James from Miami. Not so much: James played in only 3 games that season before getting hurt, opted out of 2020, and will now miss most (probably all) of 2021 after tearing his Achilles.   more »


Andy Richardson: Offensive lines

Based on the mock drafts I've been seeing, I think a lot of fans are going to be disappointed by the way their teams actually approach the first round next Thursday night. Many are eagerly thinking their teams will be using top picks on wide receivers and running backs. I think about a quarter of them will instead be coming away with offensive linemen, starting with Penei Sewell (pictured).   more »


Around the NFL: Free agent linemen

There are some big-name wide receivers headed for free agency; tight end, too. Those looking for quarterbacks and running backs are probably looking at the NFL Draft. With offensive linemen, there looks to be some talent available at the top of the draft, but there are also some really good players in free agency. And more every day.   more »


Around the NFL: Brandon Brooks

The Fantasy Index preseason annual is at the printers, so too late to make any minor revisions to the offensive line rankings. The Philadelphia Eagles came in 2nd in that regard when we put the thing to bed. That looks a little high right now.   more »


Offensive Lines: Seahawks blowing up line

The Seahawks weren't that far from being a Super Bowl team last year. But for a last-minute, Week 17 defeat to San Francisco, they'd have been NFC West champs and the higher playoff seed. So it's a little surprising that they're virtually starting over on the offensive line.   more »


Offensive Lines: Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray was sacked 48 times last year; exactly 3 per game. So an easy offseason storyline is how Arizona needs to sink a lot of resources into its offensive line to make it better. That will probably be on the list of things to do (the defense also needs a lot of help), but it might not be as dire as all that.   more »


Around the NFL: Packers-Seahawks protection issues

When the Packers and Seahawks square off Sunday evening, it will be a matchup of the 5th- and 8th-best pass rushes of the eight teams still playing in the postseason. With Friday practices yet to occur, it looks like Green Bay will be at full strength. Seattle is less certain.   more »


Offensive Lines: Offensive line performance

While watching Pittsburgh's offensive linemen come to Mason Rudolph's defense while Myles Garrett was bashing him with his own helmet late in last night's game, I got to thinking about which lines are best at protecting their quarterbacks in the course of regular game action. Pittsburgh, as it happens, is one of the best lines in this regard.   more »

Around the NFL: Bengals offense

Training camp isn't even upon us yet, and Cincinnati has suffered a significant loss. Top pick Jonah Williams, selected at No. 11 overall, was slated to start at left tackle. But he's now expected to miss the entire season with a torn labrum in his shoulder.   more »

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Around the NFL: Texans offensive line

The Houston Texans signed Matt Kalil yesterday. It's a big name at the tackle position, but not a successful one. Kalil struggled for Carolina in 2017 and then missed all of last year with a knee injury of some sort. But the Texans have little choice but to throw things at the wall and hope something sticks.   more »

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