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JaMarr Chase

Hip injury will likely shelve Chase for multiple games

Reports suggest JaMarr Chase has a hip injury that will sideline him for several weeks. That makes the team’s other pass catchers – Tee Higgins, Tyler Boyd and Hayden Hurst– look more interesting. A lot more interesting.

Passing production in general should decline some, but they’ll be looking more often for those guys. Over the last year and half, Chase has caught 19 of the 49 touchdowns thrown by Joe Burrow. Burrow without Chase will have to look more often for other receivers.

Mike Thomas will get on the field a bunch, but I don’t think he’ll be much of a factor. He’s had two opportunities to be a starter-type guy this year (against Pittsburgh and Baltimore) and he’s caught only 2 of the 8 passes thrown his way in those games, for 38 yards.

With the top-level receivers, I think back to the 2020 season (the year before Chase showed up). Higgins in his final six full games with Burrow at quarterback that year caught 32 passes for 528 yards and 2 TDs. That’s 93 yards per game.

Tyler Boyd was also very good in the 2020 season. In his 10 games with Burrow at quarterback, Boyd caught 69 passes for 71 yards and 3 TDs. Those are top-20 PPR numbers.

I picked through the numbers some. I see 15 career games for Boyd where he had Burrow at quarterbacks and Chase wasn’t much of a factor (either not playing or catching 3 or fewer passes). Boyd caught 94 passes for 1,010 yards and 5 TDs in those games. That’s 6.3 catches for 67 yards, on average. Solid.

2020LACL 13-1654330
2020at Clev.L 30-3587721
2020at Phi.T 23-2313101250
2020Jac.W 33-2587900
2020at Balt.L 3-2764420
2020at Ind.L 27-3185540
2020Clev.L 34-3713111011
2020Ten.W 31-2076671
2020at Pitt.L 10-3686410
2020at Was.L 9-20119850
2021at Chi.L 17-2097730
2021at NYJL 31-3485691
2021at L.V.W 32-1386490
2021Pitt.W 41-1022130
2021at Den.W 15-1065961

Similarly for Higgins, I see 14 games since 2020 when Burrow was playing and Chase wasn’t much of a factor (0-3 catches). Higgins in those 14 games caught 63 passes for 938 yards and 6 TDs. That’s about 4.5 catches for 67 yards per game – about the same as Boyd for yards, but with slightly more touchdowns and 2 fewer catches per week.

2020at Clev.L 30-3563350
2020at Phi.T 23-2395402
2020Jac.W 33-2574770
2020at Balt.L 3-2784620
2020at Ind.L 27-31861250
2020Clev.L 34-3755711
2020Ten.W 31-2096780
2020at Pitt.L 10-36971151
2020at Was.L 9-20103260
2021at Chi.L 17-20106601
2021at NYJL 31-3464970
2021at L.V.W 32-1332150
2021Pitt.W 41-10861141
2021at Den.W 15-1032230

I’m not going to put up numbers for Hurst, but they’ll be similar. He’ll be busier with Chase sidelined.

I have re-worked the Week 8 projections. When they come out tomorrow, you’ll see Burrow a little lower, but the pass catches will all be higher. (Joe Mixon will also move up in the rankings, with the likelihood they’ll use him more – he’ll be working against a bad run defense on Monday night).

—Ian Allan

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