Ian Allan answers your fantasy football questions. In this edition. Selecting Bryce Young over Anthony Richardson in a Superflex league. When to settle for a lesser player in a keeper league. And sifting through lesser tight end options.

Question 1

I'm doing a startup draft in a Superflex Dynasty league. I already have drafted Josh Allen, Ekeler and Olave. I have a 4th and 5th round pick coming up. I am thinking of taking Dameon Pierce and then rolling the dice with Bryce Young or C.J. Stroud in round 5. Do you think that is too soon to take either of them? In very general terms when do you think those two guys will go in a startup Superflex Dynasty draft?

Joe Goins (Folsom, CA)

Superflex. It’s a different animal. In a traditional format, running backs and wide receivers tend to be a lot more valuable than quarterbacks. But in the Superflex, everyone wants to carry two good quarterbacks, and teams would ideally like to have three, allowing them to continue starting a quarterback in that flex spot even through bye weeks and injuries. In such a league, you can arguably select those three rookie quarterbacks even before Jaxon Smith-Njigba. I would be thinking hard about Bryce Young. Of those rookie quarterbacks, he’s the one who’s the most ready to play, and he’s got by far the best cast around him.

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Question 2

I can keep 3 keepers: Etienne at a 3rd-round cost, Dameon Pierce at a 4th-round cost and Christian Watson at an 8th-round cost is what I’m thinking. I also have Hockenson, who could be kept at 7th and Drake London, Jameson Williams, Kadarius Toney, and Brian Robinson, who could all be kept at an 8th-round cost. All these guys I can keep for another year after next year at one round higher cost too. How would you approach the situation?

Kyle Kintner (Carlsbad, CA)

We’re looking for value. The draft position is part of the equation. That is, it’s not Etienne vs. Hockenson. It’s Etienne and a 7th-round pick vs. Hockenson and a 3rd-round pick. Hockenson is a damn good player. Once he landed with the Vikes last year, he put up the 2nd-best tight end numbers in the league. I’ve got him at 6.4 catches for 59 yards in his 11 Minnesota games (albeit with just 3 TDs). Etienne, meanwhile, tailed off in the second half of the season. We know that a 3rd-round pick is a lot better than a 7th-round pick, so I’m thinking Hockenson plus a 3rd is better than Etienne plus a 7th. Similarly, I like London plus a 4th more than I like Pierce plus an 8th. (If you keep Hockenson, you may be selecting Pierce with either those 3rd- or 4th-round draft choices). The other three guys I will leave in the wait-and-see pile for now; maybe they play their way into the conversation by mid-August.

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Question 3

Could you please rank these three young TEs based on a half point PPR. Dynasty league. Likely, McBride, Otton. Are any worth keeping?

James Costello (Portland, ME)

At the end of the Mock Auction in the magazine, I had the opportunity to spend my final $2 on McBride. I chickened out and bought Hayden Hurst instead. That’s a no-moves league, so I wanted to pick a guy I felt confident would be starting in all 17 games (this was before Hurst underwent groin surgery). McBride had the nice close to last year, catching 20 passes in his final five games. I think he’ll be a solid, Hurst-type player. But the Cardinals have a new coaching staff, and they have Zach Ertz coming back, so there are some variables involved. Otton would come in just a little behind those guys. With the Ravens having loaded up on wide receivers, I don’t think Likely is … likely … to be doing much unless Mark Andrews gets hurt.

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Question 4

I'm in a 3-keeper 10-team standard league, I won the league last year so I'm picking 10th. I can keep the players as long as I want. My question is 2 of my keepers are Jefferson & Chase. Not sure what to do with the 3rd keeper. My options are Walker, R.White, A.Jones & Andrews. Walker took a hit with Seattle drafting Charbonnet. Thoughts?

Barry St Peter (Westfield, MA)

I’d probably be keeping Kenneth Walker. I think he’s going to be a top-10 back. If something were to happen in training camp to cause me to get cold feet, I’d be pivoting to Mark Andrews. Whatever one of those guys you go with should get you off to a nice start in your title defense.

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Question 5

I have purchased the FFI for decades. Last year I bought two 2022 magazines, and sent one to my good friend Jim Z ... who then won the championship, in BOTH my leagues. He had never won before. Can you guess how many magazines I purchased this year?

Doug Bowles (Leawood, KS)

Thanks for the nice note. For my guess, put me down for zero. I’m figuring that since you helped Jim Z win two leagues last year, he’s paying you back by buying your magazine and package of supplemental updates for the 2023 season! :)

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