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Tagged: Javonte Williams (7 Results)

Podcast: May 7 episodes (plural!) of the Fantasy Index Podcast available now

Post-draft blowout! Moishe Steigmann and Justin Eleff complete their assessment of the NFL rookie class of 2021 -- two new episodes covering running backs, wide receivers and tight ends.  more »

Around the NFL: Javonte Williams

I like the look of Javonte Williams. He’s a fun back, with the way he initiates contact and runs people over. Reminds me of Marshawn Lynch.   more »


Around the NFL: Rookie running backs

If you were watching the NFL Draft last night, you might have been wondering where all the running backs were. It was a historically thin group, with a total of four selected by the end of Round 3. That was the fewest taken in the first three rounds since 2016, which itself was the lowest number ever. Disappointing for the key position in fantasy leagues.   more »


Around the NFL: Steelers running backs

The drumbeat for the Steelers selecting a first-round running back is only getting louder. Najee Harris, Travis Etienne, Javonte Williams -- all seem like reasonable possibilities. If it happens, that player immediately merits early consideration in fantasy drafts.   more »


Factoid: Travis Etienne

There seem to be three reasonable candidates to be the first running back drafted -- maybe only two. Alabama's Najee Harris, Clemson's Travis Etienne and perhaps North Carolina's Javonte Williams; those are the players most frequently mentioned. In rookie drafts, you'll most likely be weighing Harris or Etienne.   more »


Around the NFL: Thunder and Lightning?

The NFL combine isn't being held this year, so the only look that teams are getting at players is individual pro days. North Carolina's was yesterday, and there should be at least a couple of relevant fantasy players drafted from there. Most notably, Javonte Williams (pictured) and Michael Carter, two of college football's top rushers a year ago.   more »


Andy Richardson: First-round running backs

Some brief discussion yesterday about first-round running backs. Depending on the source and the mock draft, you can find someone who thinks there will be 1-2 players at the position selected in the first round, or more. Recent history suggests just 1 or perhaps 2 is most likely.   more »


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