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Tagged: James White (30 Results)


Patriots RB’s White, Harris return to practice

New England running back JAMES WHITE returned to the team on Wednesday after missing the last two games due to his father’s death in a car crash. Fellow running back DAMIENMore HARRIS also returned to practice. Harris was placed on injured reserve prior to the start of the regular season due to a finger injury. Less

Source: Boston Globe

Around the NFL: Patriots running backs

New England signs Lamar Miller, and he’s an interesting wild card on that roster. I don’t think he’ll be their main tailback, but it’s at least a possibility. Bill Belichick has had luck with transplanted veteran runners in the past.   more »


Factoid: Sony Michel

Sony Michel hasn’t had much of a role in the passing game for the Patriots. Two years in a row he’s run for over 900 yards, but he’s caught only 7 and 12 passes. That’s 19 catches in his first 29 games as a pro.  more »


Mailbag: November 29, 2019

Ian Allan answers your fantasy football questions. In this edition. A Penny for thoughts on Seattle's backfield. What's wrong with James White? A defense that could pick up late in the year. And mulling whether to bench Patrick Mahomes. more »


Around the NFL: New England running backs

Rex Burkhead isn’t expected to play tonight. That changes expectations for New England’s other running backs. Sony Michel and James White will need to do more.  more »


Mailbag: October 10, 2019

Ian Allan answers your fantasy football questions. Special trades addition. Are A.J. Green and Trent Williams headed to new teams? Is a combo of Hollywood Brown and James White more valuable than Nick Chubb? Philip Rivers' disintegrating offensive line. more »


Ian Allan: 3rd-down backs

In a previous post, I was kicking around the issue of whether third-down backs can actually be better in tougher situations. If a team falls behind or can’t get its running game going, it reasonably will pass more, setting up these backs to finish with better numbers. I want to come back at this issue, but in a different way.  more »


Around the NFL: James White OUT for Patriots

You'd think it would be a little early in the season to be thinking too much about the weather, but rainy conditions will apparently be a factor in a couple of games -- Baltimore-Kansas City, and Denver-Green Bay. Plus a surprise: James White will be OUT for the Patriots (not injury related); get him out of lineups.   more »


Mailbag: August 18, 2019

Ian Allan answers your fantasy football questions. Special weekend edition. Are James White and Tarik Cohen legit starters? How much do positional coaches add to an offense? While later-round quarterbacks could pop? Drauction strategy. more »


Mailbag: August 9, 2019

Ian Allan answers your fantasy football questions. In this edition. Will the Patriots involve Sony Michel more as a pass catcher? Why is FFI down on Odell Beckham? Which offenses will be most affected by new coordinators? And more. more »


Mailbag: August 2, 2019

Ian Allan answers your fantasy questions. In this edition. A 1 thru 32 ranking of the league's slot receivers. How to allocate dollars in an auction. Why 1986 was a sneaky good year for fantasy football. Five wide receivers to target in the first round of a PPR draft. And more. (Not much more, but more). more »


Fantasy News: Stars vs. scrubs

Can you walk out of a draft without a top-10 running back, a top-10 wide receiver or any of the three elite tight ends and still have a contender? I sure hope so.   more »


Factoid: Third-down backs

What do we make of James White and Tarik Cohen? These players won’t run for a lot of yards, but they’re integral to their team’s passing offenses, making them viable fantasy possibilities.   more »


Factoid: James White

Alvin Kamara caught 11 passes for 96 yards against the Rams on Sunday, and I would think that would get the attention of New England’s coaches. They’ve got a running back who can create a lot of the same kind of mismatches in the passing game.   more »

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Mailbag: December 14, 2018

Ian Allan answers your fantasy football questions. In this edition: Will playing on the road for the third straight week undermine the Saints? Is James White being phased out of the New England offense? Will an offensive coordinator change help Kyle Rudolph? And more. more »


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