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Poll: August 16, 2022

What rookie receiver will finish with the best numbers this year?

Drake London, Falcons (0%)
Garrett Wilson, Jets (0%)
Chris Olave, Saints (0%)
Jahan Dotson, Commanders (0%)
Treylon Burks, Titans (0%)
Christian Watson, Packers (0%)
George Pickens, Steelers (0%)
Romeo Doubs, Packers (0%)

Mailbag: August 16, 2022

Ian Allan answers your fantasy football questions. In this edition: filling the vacant third-down back role in New England. Selecting Christian McCaffrey No. 1 overall. Cover candidates for 2023. Hitting the sweet spot on auction prices. And more. more »


Around the NFL: Brian Robinson

Not a lot of positive talk around Antonio Gibson lately. Talented guy, but Washington sounds like it could be lightening his workload some, for various reasons. Which has me intrigued by third-rounder Brian Robinson.   more »


Trivia: August 16, 2022

In the Super Bowl era, what two schools have had five players selected No. 1 overall? answer »


Viva Murillo!: What You Can't See Can Still Hurt You

Now that the preseason has been reduced to three games (better than four, but not as good as the Canadian Football League's two) it's easier to pretend each one means something. I still can't bring myself to watch them, since the results don't matter and any "news" will be readily-available minutes after it happens. But I do pay attention to what doesn't happen and who doesn't play, and I think there are fantasy implications to those (non) events.  more »


Podcast: August 15 episode of the Fantasy Index Podcast available now

Joseph Robert -- the Fantasy Football Counselor -- joins the podcast for a quick 2022 draft strategy primer ... and to help relaunch the Fantasy Index Podcast Listeners League. Sponsored by the Fantasy Football Counselor.  more »


Around the NFL: Isaiah Likely

I liked the look of fourth-rounder Isaiah Likely in Baltimore’s opener. It was just one game, but to me he looks like an NFL player – like a guy who’ll be a starter and have a viable career.  more »


Factoid: Undrafted rookie wideouts

When watching preseason football, it's a delicate balancing act of what to pay attention to, and what to downplay. Frequently I need to decide if a big performance in a meaningless game should be mentioned, or dismissed. Which brings us to Lance McCutcheon.   more »


Trivia: August 15, 2022

In the 32-team era (since 2002) what team has allowed the fewest points? answer »


Fantasy Index Cheat Sheet Update: The new Fantasy Index Cheat Sheet is available now.

Get our latest rankings, analysis, projections, depth charts, and defensive player information...  more »


Fantasy News: Fantasy Index Open

The Fantasy Index Open competition is open and underway. It’s our free, all-comers contest, giving you the opportunity to prove you know more than everyone else – and win a gigantic trophy at the same time.  more »


Factoid: Green Bay

Romeo Doubs is just a fourth-round pick, but Aaron Rodgers has been talking him up. With Green Bay looking for new wide receivers, can Doubs be an unlikely factor in their offense?  more »


Defensive Notes: Bobby Wagner

I'm not sure if Seattle is tanking this season, going into the season (apparently) with just Geno Smith and Drew Lock at quarterback. But an argument can be made that Seattle is definitely focused on the future rather than the present by their release of Bobby Wagner.   more »

Trivia: August 14, 2022

Who is the only player who was been drafted in the first round twice by the same team? answer »

Factoid: Running backs

In the second halves of fantasy drafts, it makes sense to pay attention to backup running backs. They end up contributing a lot more than you might expect.  more »


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