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Tagged: Hollywood Brown (22 Results)

Mailbag: November 23, 2022

Ian Allan answers your fantasy football questions. In this edition: Can Odell Beckham make a difference in December? Top players coming back from IR. And weighing Amon-Ra St. Brown vs. Najee Harris. more »


Factoid: Transplant receivers

There’s a bunch of notable receivers switching teams this year: not only Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill, but also A.J. Brown and Hollywood Brown. History shows with these kind of prospects that there are way more misses than hits.  more »


Around the NFL: Brown outs

It’s been a pretty crappy offseason. Let’s be honest. It’s interesting to see guys moving around, getting plugged into new offenses. But most of these transplanted receivers aren’t going to be as successful with their new teams.  more »


Mailbag: September 30, 2021

Ian Allan answers your fantasy football questions. In this edition. What is Deshaun Watson's value? Time to sell on Hollywood Brown and Chase Edmonds? Can Derek Carr keep it going? And more. more »


Ian Allan: Breakout wide receivers

Typically there are a couple of receivers who dramatically outperform where they’re selected. But where do such receivers tend to come from? Are you better hoping for a young player to emerge? Or are the odds better with a veteran trying to come back from an injury?  more »


Mailbag: July 15, 2021

Ian Allan answers your fantasy fooball questions. In this edition. Mecole Hardman: emerging sleeper? Or wasted mid-round pick? Slotting the elite tight ends. And the value of stockpiling less-coveted quarterbacks. more »


Mailbag: June 18, 2021

Ian Allan answers your fantasy football questions. In this edition: Most improved offenses. Pull the plug on Hollywood Brown? Dynasty keepers. Running backs coming off injuries. And more. more »



Ravens GM “insulted” by criticism of WR corps

Baltimore GM Eric DeCosta said on Monday that he was “insulted” by fan discontent and criticism of the team’s wide receiving corps and the Ravens ability to draft good wideouts. DeCostaMore said the team is pleased with young wideouts like “HOLLYWOOD BROWN”, MILES BOYKIN, and DEVIN DUVERNAY. To be fair, Baltimore and Washington are the only teams not to draft a Pro Bowl wide receiver since the Ravens’ first draft in 1996. And in each of the past two seasons, Baltimore’s wide receivers have ranked last in the league in catches and receiving yards (granted, the Ravens feature a run-oriented offense). Less


Around the NFL: Wat the heck?

The Ravens are reportedly signing Sammy Watkins to a one-year deal including $5 million in guaranteed money. I don’t see it. As poorly as he’s played in Kansas City, I don’t see any plausible scenario where he does much of anything for Baltimore.  more »



Steelers and Ravens play sloppy game on WAF

The Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens game was rescheduled three times before finally being played on Wednesday Afternoon Football. A Covid-19 outbreak left the Ravens without nine starters, seven Pro BowlMore players and the reigning NFL MVP. In a game mostly void of fantasy highlights, Ravens backup quarterback TRACE MCSORLEY did throw a nifty 70-yard catch-and-run touchdown to wide receiver HOLLYWOOD BROWN. With Week #12 now in the books, fantasy owners can finally turn their attention to Week #13. Less



Dez Bryant makes first catch since 2017

Veteran Baltimore wide receiver DEZ BRYANT caught his first passes since the 2017 season in the Ravens game against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. Bryant led all Ravens wide receivers inMore receptions with 4, although tight end MARK ANDREWS led the team with 5 catches in the game. Meanwhile, the receiver that was expected to lead the Ravens this year, HOLLYWOOD BROWN, recorded no catches on three targets. Less

Source: Dallas Morning News

Around the NFL: Dez Bryant

I see that the Ravens are kicking the tires on Dez Bryant. I don’t think that’s anything that anybody should be giving too much consideration. I don’t expect they’ll sign him, and if they do, I doubt he’ll play a meaningful role.  more »

Factoid: First-round receivers

I’m not a big fan of rookie wide receivers. There were a bunch of them selected early this year, but I think that for the vast majority of those guys, the payoff seasons will come in the future. The odds are stacked against players at this position hitting it big right away.   more »


Factoid: Hollywood Brown

John Harbaugh was talking up Hollywood Brown the other day, saying he’s looking forward to seeing what he can do now that he’s healthy and has been around for a year. Are the Ravens sitting on one of the season’s breakout receivers?  more »


Factoid: CeeDee Lamb

It seems like many considered CeeDee Lamb the best or almost the best of the rookie receivers. That’s from sifting through comments by the teams after the draft.  more »


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