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Tagged: Rookie running backs (23 Results)

Andy Richardson: Updating the rookie class

When we put together the Rookie story for the magazine, it's basically sight unseen. We have college tape and combine performances to go on, but no actual preseason work. Now we've got a couple of those games to work with, and while it's far too soon to make any final judgments, I'll take a quick pass through the incoming rookies, the top 5 at each position, in order of their magazine rankings.   more »


Factoid: Ronald Jones

Five running backs were selected in the top 40 picks over the weekend, and that's rare -- it last happened in 2008. Fantasy teams can hope this class produces as many stars as that one, with Jonathan Stewart and Chris Johnson among those top-40 selections (and Ray Rice and Matt Forte also selected in the first two rounds).   more »


Factoid: Rookie running backs

Rookie running backs tend to get taken early in fantasy drafts; arguably too early. But when Saquon Barkley, Derrius Guice (pictured) and maybe Ronald Jones or Sony Michel get taken early in drafts this summer, it will be harder than usual to argue against those selections. Rookies are having a fantasy impact more than usual of late.   more »


Andy Richardson: Fun with 40 times

All other things being equal, you'd prefer players be faster rather than slower. So we make note of 40 times at the combine, and they can determine if players are first- or second-round picks, or much later. The running backs ran last Friday, and consensus top back Saquon Barkley impressed with a 4.40.   more »


Factoid: Top-10 rookie running backs

Penn State runner Saquon Barkley is going to be a top-10 draft pick in April -- maybe top-5, to the Colts or Giants, and it's even possible the Browns will consider him at No. 1 overall. Assuming he is selected in those first 10 picks, there's a lot of recent evidence indicating he'll put up top fantasy numbers right away.  more »


Around the NFL: Green Bay Packers

The Packers lost Eddie Lacy in free agency. At running back their roster had only converted wideout Ty Montgomery and journeyman (that's what he is right now) Christine Michael. But they gave themselves some other options on day three of the NFL Draft.   more »


Factoid: Paul Perkins

The Giants cut ties with Rashad Jennings in the offseason, and didn't add a noteworthy running back. That makes second-year back Paul Perkins the favorite to start, and there's some sleeper appeal there. But the fifth-rounder didn't have a great rookie season.   more »


Factoid: Ezekiel Elliott

It's not news that Ezekiel Elliott had a great year. But with 1,994 total yards and 16 TDs, his year wasn't only great -- it was the best by any rookie running back this century.   more »


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