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Andy Richardson: A Weekend of Football

There should be fantasy camps to go through NFL officiating training. It's a difficult job, they make way less money than anyone else we see on TV, and maybe they'd catch less heat if we all had first-hand experience of their training. This occurs to me after a weekend featuring just two close games, but some are blaming officials for both of them.   more »


Trivia: January 17, 2022

Arizona plays at Los Angeles tonight, providing a rare postseason matchup of quarterbacks who both were selected No. 1 overall in the draft – Matthew Stafford and Kyler Murray. When was the last time there was a playoff game featuring two starting quarterbacks who both were the first pick of the draft? answer »

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Fantasy Index Blackout: Ralph Cunningham wins 2021 Blackout championship

Ralph Cunningham of Owasso, Okla. is our Fantasy Index Blackout champion for the 2021 season. He wins a free subscription to everything we publish for the 2022 season -- Fantasy Football Index magazine and the SuperFanatic newsletter package -- and he is invited to join the professional fantasy analysts in the 2022 Fantasy Football Index magazine Experts Draft. So what was Ralph's secret sauce?  more »


Factoid: Rookie receivers

JaMarr Chase played yesterday, DeVonta Smith is playing today, and it serves as a reminder that rookie receivers are making an impact more quickly than they have in the past. They’re getting acclimated into offenses and affecting games.   more »


Factoid: Patriots Defense

So the Bills beat the living snot out of the Patriots yesterday, and a major takeaway was the total ineffectiveness of New England's defense. It didn't sack Josh Allen, and it didn't record any takeaways. Outside of Buffalo, few saw such a dominant performance from their offense coming. But more probably should have.   more »


Trivia: January 16, 2022

What’s the only two franchises that have had five different quarterbacks finish seasons with at least 30 touchdown passes? Both had quarterbacks in 2021 who threw more than 30. answer »


Factoid: Laquon Treadwell

The season was a disaster for the Jaguars – 3-14, and with the bizarreness of the failed Urban Meyer experiment. But there are always small individual victories along the way, and Laquon Treadwell is looking like one of them. He’s looking like he might salvage his once-promising career.  more »


24 Hours 'Til Sunday: Snapshot previews of all the games

Every Saturday morning, I'll take a quick look at all the week's games, offering my own brief take on what I think will happen, as well as touching on significant injury news since our Weekly came out. I'll check in every so often over the course of the day to answer lineup questions, too.  more »


Trivia: January 15, 2022

The Raiders return to the postseason today. Who was the last player on that franchise to throw a touchdown pass in a playoff game? answer »

Fantasy Index Redrafter: Revised Playoffs Redrafter rankings available now

We posted revised Redrafter rankings again today. Those have been delivered to all subscribers by e-mail, and the custom rankings have been updated, as well.

The Fantasy Index Redrafter Cheat Sheet for the NFL Playoffs ranks players based on their projected cumulative value through the Super Bowl. It includes position-by-position rankings, write-ups on all of the teams in the playoffs, and access to customizable rankings and stat projections. The rankings are cumulative, so a mediocre player from a Super Bowl contender may be ranked higher than a superstar from a weaker team.

  more »


NFL Injury Report: The injury report compiled after Friday's practices is posted

Daily team-by-team injury reports published by the NFL media office. Click through to download the PDF edition. . . . Wildcard playoffs injury report - Friday edition   more »

Ian Allan: Bills-Patriots

It will be frigid in Orchard Park tomorrow. Single digits. The expected day-time high is 10 degrees, and this is an evening kickoff. What kind of effect (if any) will this have on the offenses of the Bills and Patriots?   more »


Factoid: Najee Harris

I'm a Najee Harris fan, and at times when I talked him up here it was commented that he was overrated. It's true that holes can be poked in his rookie season; perhaps he's not as good as I think he is. Perhaps.   more »


Trivia: January 14, 2022

The Bucs play Philadelphia on Sunday, and it’s a rematch of the first playoff game in that franchise’s history. In December, 1979, Tampa Bay beat Philadelphia 24-17. Doug Williams started for the Bucs on that day, which was unusual – few teams had black quarterbacks at that time. Prior to Williams, who was the only African American quarterback who had started a playoff game? answer »


NFL Injury Report: The injury report compiled after Thursday's practices is posted

Daily team-by-team injury reports published by the NFL media office. Click through to download the PDF edition. . . . Wildcard playoffs injury report - Thursday edition   more »

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