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Poll: January 9, 2019

What running back will finish with the best numbers this week (PPR scoring)

Todd Gurley, Rams (0%)
Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys (0%)
Alvin Kamara, Saints (0%)
Rest of the field (0%)

Fantasy News: Revised playoff board

Eight teams left, so I took 90 minutes and re-stacked the overall playoff board. That is, if you were walking into a draft today, who would you pick for the final three weeks of the playoffs?  more »


Fantasy Index Weekly: The Week 19 edition of Fantasy Index Weekly is available

This is a below-average situation for Philadelphia's offense. New Orleans gave up a lot of yards and points early in the season, but its defense jelled as the season progressed. In its last 12 meaningful games, it allowed ...  more »

Andy Richardson: Dak Prescott

I'm in a playoff competition where you can only use each player in the postseason once. Picking through the quarterback selections this week, I can use any one of them -- I used Deshaun Watson last week. And I'm mulling going with Dak Prescott this week.   more »


Trivia: January 9, 2019

The Cowboys will play the Rams on Saturday – the first time two teams have met in the postseason a ninth time. Who was the only Los Angeles player who completed more than 50 percent of his passes in any of the previous eight meetings? It’s a player who’s now in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. answer »

Around the NFL: Packers gamble on LaFleur

The Packers are handing the reins of the franchise to Matt LaFleur. I don’t get it. I suppose he must have really impressed them in the interview, but I thought he was underwhelming last year as the offensive coordinator in Tennessee.  more »


Around the NFL: McVay says Gurley to practice in full

Todd Gurley hasn't played in nearly a month, sitting out the last two games of the regular season with knee inflammation. But Sean McVay is optimistic that Gurley will be practicing in full when the team takes the field this afternoon.   more »

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Trivia: January 8, 2019

The Colts are playing at Kansas City on Saturday, and they’re 4-0 all-time in the playoff games between these teams. What is the only team that’s won five postseason games in a row against an opponent? These teams last met in the playoffs during the 2005 season. answer »


Viva Murillo!: Kickers Matter

First things first: Let's not pile on Cody Parkey. Yeah, he had a rotten year. Yeah, the Bears probably regret letting Robbie Gould go, who's missed just three out of 85 field-goal attempts in the past three years away from Chicago.   more »


Factoid: Wild Card Weekend

What happened to the offensive explosion? Teams were putting up unprecedented numbers earlier in the season (highlighted by Los Angeles beating Kansas City 54-51 in a Monday night game) but more recently scores have been down.   more »

Andy Richardson: A Weekend of Football

So it's Bears-Eagles, the game with the biggest point spread and the least hype, that I had the hardest time moving on from last night. I'm not a Bears fan, but I prefer my drama come without heartbreak, or at least without one guy taking most of the blame. It just seems cruel, but that's what Cody Parkey got yesterday.   more »


Trivia: January 7, 2019

What eight teams in 2018 wore uniforms including markings honoring deceased team owners? answer »


Factoid: Playoff teams

When seasons start, there’s always the tendency to assume there will be some continuity. The Jaguars and Vikings, for example, played in the conference championship games last year, so it made some sense to operate under the assumption they’d at least make the playoffs.   more »


Around the NFL: Sunday morning injury updates

If you drafted Trey Burton as your starting tight end this year, it didn't work out very well for you. If you drafted him as your starting tight end for the postseason, things aren't off to a great start. Looks like one more gut-punch to Burton fans; he's questionable for Chicago's playoff opener.   more »


Trivia: January 6, 2019

The Chargers play the Ravens today, ending a surprisingly lengthy playoff drought between these two cities. When was the last time Los Angeles competed against Baltimore in a postseason game in a major sport? answer »

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