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Tagged: Super Bowl Prop Bets (5 Results)

Ian Allan: Joe Mixon

I’m throwing another prop bet on the pile: Joe Mixon under 60.5 rushing yards. The Bengals don’t run the ball all that well, and the Rams have been playing really well defensively.   more »

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Andy Richardson: Super Bowl Prop Bets

It probably doesn't need to be said that a large part of watching the Super Bowl involves friendly wagering. Pretty much everyone is in some square pool to support the local cheerleaders or baseball team. (Including me; I'm rooting for the number 8, which basically means I threw my money away.) And there are lots and lots of prop bets, too.   more »


Andy Richardson: Super Bowl Prop Bets

I love looking at Super Bowl prop bets, even if it's just to laugh at the goofy ones. (Length of National Anthem?) I am not a professional gambler, so take the following predictions with a grain of salt. If these can help you win your local party pool, though, you're welcome. Remember, Tails never fails. Except when it does. The fewer dumb-luck bets the better, that's what I say.   more »


Andy Richardson: Super Bowl Prop Bets

For years, my favorite column on this site, bar none, is when Ian Allan tells which Super Bowl prop bets he likes. He hasn't written one this year, perhaps because he doesn't like enough of them. It's the day of the Super Bowl, so I'm going to give it a stab myself.   more »


Ian Allan: Super Bowl Prop Bets

I have put together my individual player projections. Those were posted on the site earlier. Let me now go through the Super Bowl Prop Bets and underline a few of the better values.  more »


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