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Tagged: rookie draft (4 Results)

Andy Richardson: Rookie Draft Recap (Rounds 2-3)

My annual dynasty league rookie draft was this past week, a three-round affair that allots the top rookies from the previous week's NFL Draft. I recapped the first round yesterday; rounds 2 and 3 are below, with commentary. My picks are in bold.   more »


Andy Richardson: Rookie Draft Recap

I'm in a couple of different dynasty leagues, but the one I've been in the longest annually holds its rookie draft one week after the NFL Draft. It's a little early -- teams haven't even had rookie minicamps yet -- but that just makes it all the more intriguing. Do we favor predraft rankings, or where guys were actually drafted? Fun to see the initial thoughts on the incoming college prospects.   more »


Andy Richardson: Dynasty rookie draft, one year later

Those in dynasty leagues may already be thinking about their rookie drafts, which for many occur just a week or so after the NFL Draft is complete. Before looking ahead, it's often prudent to take a quick look back, and learn from the mistakes of yesterday -- so as not to make them again.   more »


Andy Richardson: Rookie draft recap

My main dynasty league had its annual rookie draft over the weekend. It's arguably the best part of the league; it's up there, anyway. Sort of Christmas morning for dynasty leagues, unwrapping the presents you'll enjoy for years to come (or stick behind the couch or put out on the curb a month or two down the road).   more »


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