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Tagged: Davante Adams (114 Results)

Factoid: Transplant receivers

There’s a bunch of notable receivers switching teams this year: not only Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill, but also A.J. Brown and Hollywood Brown. History shows with these kind of prospects that there are way more misses than hits.  more »


Factoid: Volume receivers

I was poking around with the numbers some on Cooper Kupp, trying to estimate how much statistical decline will happen this year. It’s not realistic, of course, to hope for another 145 catches. That’s just insane.  more »



Packers RB Jones to see more catches in 2022?

With wide receiver DAVANTE ADAMS no longer in town, the Green Bay Packers may turn to running back AARON JONES as a bigger part of the game plan for the upcomingMore season. The belief is that he can grow into a consistent receiving weapon for the Packers, with the possibility of his role even evolving into one similar to DEEBO SAMUEL’s in San Francisco last season. Less

Source: Team Blog

Factoid: Packers sans Adams

I wonder how much the Packers will miss Davante Adams? Great receiver, of course, but they’ve played without him in the past, and the offense hasn’t fallen apart.  more »


Around the NFL: Brown outs

It’s been a pretty crappy offseason. Let’s be honest. It’s interesting to see guys moving around, getting plugged into new offenses. But most of these transplanted receivers aren’t going to be as successful with their new teams.  more »


Factoid: Hunter Renfrow

The Raiders made the big trade for Davante Adams, but I don’t think they’re going to kick their other pass catchers to the curb. Guys like Darren Waller and Hunter Renfrow are too good to not have big roles in the offense.   more »


Factoid: Target hogs

There are four wide receivers who caught twice as many passes last year as anyone else on their own team. Cooper Kupp and Davante Adams, most notably, but also Michael Pittman and Brandin Cooks.   more »


Factoid: Derek Carr

Derek Carr hasn’t been a great passer around the goal line – not enough touchdowns for the yards he put up last year. But if he falls short again this season, it won’t be for a lack of weapons.   more »


Around the NFL: KC trades Tyreek Hill

The Packers shipped off Davante Adams. Now Kansas City is sending Tyreek Hill to Miami. As Vince Lombardi once said, “What the hell is going on out there?”   more »


Factoid: Green Bay receivers

The Packers unloaded Davante Adams, and they surprisingly didn’t get that much for him – just first- and second-round picks. They have, however, shown that they can win without their star.   more »


Packers trade WR Adams to Raiders for draft picks

The Green Bay Packers are trading star wide receiver DAVANTE ADAMS to the Las Vegas Raiders for a pair of draft picks. Interestingly, the trade reunites Adams with his college teammateMore at Fresno State, current Raiders quarterback DEREK CARR. The Packers were reportedly willing to match or exceed the money Adams wanted, but he preferred to play elsewhere. The deal will make Adams the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL. Less

Source: Green Bay Press-Gazette

Around the NFL: Raiders-Packers

Wow. Not often you see these kind of moves. Davante Adams headed to the Raiders for first- and second-round picks.   more »



Packers use franchise tag on WR Adams

The Green Bay Packers placed the franchise tag on veteran wide receiver DAVANTE ADAMS this week, ensuring the star wideout and favorite target of AARON RODGERS will return to the teamMore for a ninth season. Rodgers’ decision to remain with the team made it imperative that the Packers retain Adams as Green Bay prepares to make another run at the Super Bowl. Less

Source: Green Bay Press-Gazette

Offensive Lines: Franchise Tag Deadline

The deadline for applying the franchise tag is Tuesday afternoon, and it's looking like a fairly quiet year for teams securing those top-level free agents. Some of them will certainly stick with their teams on long-term deals, but at this point Kansas City's Orlando Brown is one of relatively few certain franchisees.   more »


Factoid: Free agent receivers

Davante Adams, Chris Godwin, Allen Robinson, Will Fuller, Mike Williams, Sammy Watkins and Jamison Crowder are among the most notable wide receivers headed for free agency. If form holds, some will land with new teams, but most will fall short of expectations.   more »


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