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Tagged: Rookie running backs (19 Results)

Factoid: Rookie RBs: lesser college producers

Yesterday I ran an item about incoming rookie running backs who put up huge numbers (1,800 total yards) their final seasons of college; how they fared in their rookie seasons. This is the companion piece: how the running backs who weren't as productive their final years of college performed in their first NFL seasons.   more »

Factoid: Rookie RBs: big college producers

It was a great group of incoming rookies, with 26 running backs and wide receivers selected in the first three rounds. With the pandemic, it will be harder than usual for those players to make an impact, but there should be some impact rookies, especially at running back (where the learning curve isn't as steep and injuries are more prevalent).   more »


Factoid: Third-round running backs

In the comments of yesterday's draft thread, there was some discussion of rookie running backs, the ones outside the biggest names. So not Clyde Edwards-Helaire or Jonathan Taylor, who will be selected in the first few rounds of every draft, but the ones available a little later. What kind of rookie impact might the guys taken a little later have?  more »


Andy Richardson: Rookie backups

I don't usually wind up with the top rookie running backs on my roster. People draft them early, usually too early, selecting them as if they're going to be the next LaDainian Tomlinson or Kareem Hunt, even though a lot has to go right for that to happen. I like to take stabs at the later guys.   more »


Factoid: 2nd-round running backs

It was an historic class of wideouts, with more drafted in the first two rounds than ever before, and a noteworthy one for offensive tackles -- four drafted in the top 13 for just the second time since 1992. But it looks like teams also had some fondness for the incoming running backs.   more »


Around the NFL: Jonathan Taylor

The running backs ran the 40 at the combine yesterday, an occurrence that always gets people excited for the upcoming draft. Speed isn't everything, as we're reminded every year when some fast rookie flops, but all things being equal faster is better than slower. Wisconsin's Jonathan Taylor, arguably the top back in the class, turned in the fastest 40 among running backs, with a 4.39.   more »


Podcast: May 10 episode of the Fantasy Index Podcast available now

Aaron Bland and Justin Eleff discuss the immediate fantasy potential of 2019 rookie tight ends and running backs. New content available daily at; pre-order your copy of Fantasy Football Index magazine today!  more »

Around the NFL: David Montgomery

When looking at rookie running backs, I think you need to focus on potential -- what this guy can be if everything goes right. Next step is to determine what the odds are of that player actually reaching that potential. Then you're able to rank players both in terms of what they can be, and what they realistically will be. So throughout the pre-draft process, I've been intrigued by David Montgomery.   more »


Andy Richardson: Day 2 running backs

There are two reasons why most mock drafts end up being wildly inaccurate. One is that media types/draftniks frequently grade players much differently than actual NFL teams. Two is that teams select players at positions that don't necessarily seem to be needs, much to the dismay of fantasy teams.   more »


Factoid: Darrell Henderson

Memphis back Darrell Henderson should be one of the first running backs drafted later this week, most likely before the end of Day 2. His 1,909 rushing yards last year were more than any college back but Wisconsin's Jonathan Taylor (who will return for his junior season). He did it while averaging 8.9 yards per carry, tops in college football.   more »


Factoid: 2019 rookie running backs

There are differing opinions on the incoming group of rookie running backs. Maybe at least one first-round pick (Alabama's Josh Jacobs), maybe not. Probably a few second- and third-rounds. Based on the combine, though, what it isn't is a fast group.   more »


Andy Richardson: Updating the rookie class

When we put together the Rookie story for the magazine, it's basically sight unseen. We have college tape and combine performances to go on, but no actual preseason work. Now we've got a couple of those games to work with, and while it's far too soon to make any final judgments, I'll take a quick pass through the incoming rookies, the top 5 at each position, in order of their magazine rankings.   more »


Factoid: Ronald Jones

Five running backs were selected in the top 40 picks over the weekend, and that's rare -- it last happened in 2008. Fantasy teams can hope this class produces as many stars as that one, with Jonathan Stewart and Chris Johnson among those top-40 selections (and Ray Rice and Matt Forte also selected in the first two rounds).   more »


Factoid: Rookie running backs

Rookie running backs tend to get taken early in fantasy drafts; arguably too early. But when Saquon Barkley, Derrius Guice (pictured) and maybe Ronald Jones or Sony Michel get taken early in drafts this summer, it will be harder than usual to argue against those selections. Rookies are having a fantasy impact more than usual of late.   more »


Andy Richardson: Fun with 40 times

All other things being equal, you'd prefer players be faster rather than slower. So we make note of 40 times at the combine, and they can determine if players are first- or second-round picks, or much later. The running backs ran last Friday, and consensus top back Saquon Barkley impressed with a 4.40.   more »


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