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Team projections: Revised team projections

With the regular season now over a quarter complete, we all have a better idea of what offenses are about. (At least we think we do.) Every team has had a chance to play five games, giving people ample opportunity to set aside outlier games affected by playing against strong or weak opposition. We are all now creating firmer opinions about which offenses will finish the season with the most yards and points.  more »

Team projections: Preseason overview

The preseason kicks off in full on Thursday, so appropriate at this time to step back and a take a look at the overall lay of the land. No doubt there will be all kinds of changes in the coming weeks, but we can compare the 32 offenses with each other as they move closer to stepping on the field for the first time.  more »


Team projections: Revised offensive rankings

Today’s version of the Redrafter will be showing up in your email inbox soon – with revised rankings for all of the individual players. The changes to this one are most extensive than usual, as I’ve attempted to make the changeover to the out-of-character offensive production we’re seeing right now.  more »


Team projections: Team offensive projections

All of the revised and updated individual player projections are included in the update that went out this morning. But it also makes sense to take a step back and look at the big picture – what offenses will score the most points and gain the most yards?  more »


Fantasy News: Team projections

Every Monday morning, the revised Cheat Sheet is released, with updated projections for all individual players. But it can also make sense to take a step back and look at the big picture – looking not at players but entire offenses.   more »


Team projections: Heading up

Kansas City and New Orleans should have the highest-scoring offense, but they also look like two of the teams that will decline the most relative to what they did last year. That’s what I see when I compare our current projections to how offenses performed in 2018.  more »


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